is my sons teacher picking on him?

is my sons teacher picking on him

im not sure if im being silly or not since going from year 2 to year 3. a coupe of things have happend, first my son was tod to be quite by the teacher anither chid put his nose into the situation so my son said oh shut up, and my son got sent out of the room and wrote lines saying i msut not be rude to the other chid, so i spoke to the teacher and i said so you told lewis t be quite then another chid put his nose into somthing thata had nothing to do with him and my child gets sent out of the room and writes i must not be rude to other child. what message does that give to my son???? when i questioned this the teacher said the other chid had been sent out of the room 3 times and she did not know what es to do, so my chid was punished becasue she did not know how to dea with the other child???? also week the chidren were singing a song and they were not singing it well and infront of the year about 60 chidren the teacher says and lewis does not even know the words. is that not a form of bullying? and one more thing is he was really crying when i questioned why he sid he had a test at schoo and does not want to go to schoo as he is scared he weil get it a wrong, for him to get in tht state i wonder what was he told. he is 8 years od and in year 3. im not sure if its me being silly or if there is a prob, any thoughts or advice woud be great thanks


wow d. well maybe you should read my post again i wil tel you more clearly yes my son was talking was told to be quite then another child says YES LEWIS BE QUITE my son the said shut up to the other boy don't you think it was rude of the other boy to tell my child to be quite this was between the teacher and my child not the other boy. also it may sound petty but to write sorry to another child who should not have involved himself in the first place. that's like saying the other boy was right. and if you put a the things together that the teacher has been doing don't you think an 8 year old would feel picked on?? also if you got something wrong how would you fee if in front of 60 people your boss/teacher started saying you got it wrong. of course my child does things wrong and he will have punishment when he does but if he is being singled out in some way then as his mum i wil stand up for him. and i did point out that the teacher said the other child had been paying up all day and t

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    In my experience it's better to have a parent/teacher meeting WITH the principal to clear up any misunderstandings between you and the teacher.

    in response to the writing not to be rude to another child...well i can see her point, he'd already gotten in trouble for talking in class and he kept on talking when he got on to the other boy for saying something. your son should have let the teacher handle the other boy. if she said, be quiet, she meant be quiet.

    as for the other things, you really need to speak to the teacher about it. i have 4 kids, 2 are in Jr. High, and i've realized over the years that children over exaggerate 85% of the time about things that happen in school. rather than being a difficult, overprotective, and defensive parent i try to listen to all sides of it before deciding who is in the wrong. i usually give the teacher the benefit of the doubt...simple because she is dealing w/15-20 children all at once and trying to teach on top of that. children push boundaries and do misbehave at this age from time to time, so getting all the facts is best before any judgment is made. though i certainly can understand wanting to clobber anyone that makes my children upset. i try not to have a knee jerk reaction to every little thing though.

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    - first off, I have to say this - D - STFU - ! If you can't read through the whole thing, then why are you answering in the first place?

    - secondly - just get yourself up to the school and demand that your son be put in another class. Why? Tell them because you cannot be there during class hours and it sounds like your son is being singled out and there really is no way to tell if he is exaggerating or if it is really happening, unless they have closed circuit monitoring and recordings, so before it gets to the point that you have to go to the school board or worse, a lawyer, put him in another class. Tell them to just do it.

    - third - I have a 22 yr old daughter who was being picked on in class - she told me - I talked to the teacher, I talked to the principal, and I was assured that everything was fine. It wasn't. She dropped out of school the first opportunity she had, and then had to go back to school in another city to complete her high school education. Because that teacher was so horrible. How do I know? Because my son got the same teacher the next year, and everything was fine (keep in mind - you would never in a million years think that they were related to each other - they look NOTHING alike). I was worried at first, and asked several times how things were going, and my son told me everything was great - she really seemed to like him - he got a lot of positive feedback from her, blah, blah, blah...then he came home one day and said - Mom - that teacher is a jerk - Sam wasn't lying - she asked me today at the beginning of class if I was any relation to Sam **** and I told her she was my sister - everything changed from that second on. she failed me on my quiz and someone else in class had almost word for word the same answers as me and they got an A...Long story short - I had my son get the quiz from the other kid, had a meeting at the school with both quizzes in hand, reamed the teacher, threatened the school with a lawsuit for putting my daughter and my son through this, and had her forced to retire...sounds crazy - but true. She left that day on a medical leave, and never returned. I can never get back what my daughter lost - the education, the socialization, but more importantly - her faith in me. I failed as a parent. Don't do the same.

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    the teachter was right to send him out, he was told to be quiet and should have.

    if the teacher sent your child out because the teacher did not know how to deal with the other child is unexceptable and i would protest to.

    if your sone was suppose to learn the words its not.

    if you dont like the teacher put your son in a new class so he can start over

    Teachers DO bully students. i have seen it happen. Some times the student deserves it and some times they dont. i have been bullied before and i wont stand for it. if you really believe he is being bullied talk to the principal

  • Ben W
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    9 years ago

    You need to talk to the parents of his classmates and ask if their kids have had trouble with the teacher.

    You need to say this to the teacher:

    "Miss (whatever her name is), my son comes to school every day, on time and sober, does his homework, has never insulted you to your face, hasn't been in fights, hasn't flooded the bathroom or started fires, and hasn't put tacks on your seat. So tell me, why are you always angry at him?"

    If the teacher then gives you a list of all the horrible things he's been doing, then you need to ask:

    1. Why wasn't it brought to your attention when it happened?

    2. What did the teacher do about it herself?

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    9 years ago

    Meet with her and the principle, because she will not know his feelings of being picked on until you tell her. Don't accuse her of anything, just go there to speak for your son. Ask her to try something different, because your son is not responding well to her treatment. Some teachers personalities just don't blend with all kids, but she's the adult and needs to stop her attitude towards him.

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    It sound like the teacher is picking on your son and either way its wrong do to that ..

    i been throught the same thing with my teacher.. everyday she always tells me im never good at something and bring me down and i always cry everyday what my mom did is yelled at the teacher for doing that to me and also told the principale about it to make it stop .. cause its wrong .. no teacher would pick on children its WRONG!

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    This is a hard situation because:

    I've learned from experience, if you tell on the teacher, that teacher will just get meaner

    But, if you don't do something about it, your son will still be unhappy which isn't good

    Try meeting with the school counselor. If your son won't talk to you, maybe he will start talking to someone else.

    Your son is sounds stress. You should do something fun with him.

  • MC
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    9 years ago

    Just let the teacher know that you won't tolerate this kind of behaviour. If that fails - just complain to the Principal and threaten you will go to the school board.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    your SON was told to BE QUIET, he spoke again and got punished and YOU had NO BUSINESS BOTHERING the teacher over something so TRIVIAL! NO he's not getting picked on, he was punished for NOT doing what he was told to do! HE WAS RUDE to another child, the matter WHY means nothing, he DID NOT HAVE TO BE RUDE! YOU need to STAY out of things unless there is TRULY a problem! You're one of those my kid doesn't ever do anything WRONG parents that are a BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT to the TEACHERS! STOP trying to BLAME every problem YOUR KID has on SOMEONE ELSE!

  • 9 years ago

    She could go a bit easier on him, he sounds a bit scared of it all.

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