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Why is BT vision package costing a fortune for broadband usage?

Hi i just looked at most recent BT bill online and is over £100 for just 1 month, package includes phoneline, calls broadband and bt vision tv.

normally its only around £65 - £70, but looking at details they have charged me £40 for 40gb broadband usage!!!

how can this be??? i don't download dvds or music or anything, just general facebook (Inc games) email and youtube etc.

been with this new package since moving in new house in april so probably 12-18 month contract so probably can't change the tarriff etc.

anyone else had similar experiance,

(broadband is a wireless router too) got 4 computers connected. is it possible for someone else living in nearby house to connect and use our download usage without us knowing even thou it is password protected?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I work for BT as an IT consultant this is a common problem with a lot of people at the moment The games on Face book is what has done this they use huge amounts of gb believe me this is how i can answer this question i don't deal with Broad band Queries but a Colleague of mine does.

    THis is how i know its your Games on face book so my advice is to look at other options and maybe change your broad Band Provider,

    I am on option 3 for my Broad band is that what you are on as you get an extra Portion of usage allowance with that.

    I only Run MY broad band with BT as i get it free but you would be better looking at another package with another Company Talk Talk do a excellent package Less than what you would Pay for your Package now .I don't have BT vision as i have Sky HD BT vision is just a waste of money and Run my phone line through Talk Talk and i pay less than you a month.

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  • 10 years ago

    Most streaming videos are high definition. consuming huge bandwidth. So your You Tube combined with online games is going to consume a huge amount of GBs.

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