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kro asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 1 decade ago

Why was national opt out day a bust?

I'm about to get my free shake down by TSA agents and was wondering why more people don't opt out of the naked scan.

I think it is because people are afraid of upsetting TSA agents and want as little contact with them as possible. If that is the case then that proves that our government is becoming more and more of a tyranny than ever before.

When the masses agree that something is wrong but reluctantly submit to abuse for fear of mistreatment and persecution from a government then you have tyranny.


@Jason well bro, you know we have these things called rights. When those individual rights are violated without consent by said individual then there is cause for concern.

It would be mighty hard to take a bus to Hawaii.

Hey, if you like checking out other guys at the urinals and having them check you out that's fine. But it's not for me, thanks.

The odds of being hijacked by terrorist are about the same as being struck by lighting. I'll take my chances with the old security measures and if I see someone trying to hijack my plane I'll do everything I can to stop them.

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  • Jeb
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    You are correct.

    If it weren't for the same sex for a pat down, I would go to the port just to get the cheap thrill. ;-)

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    If you don't want to go through the scan you can take a bus. I am one that likes to know if the person sitting next to me is carrying a bomb or not. Don't be so insecure about the way you look under your clothes. I'll bet you wait for a stall in the bathroom to avoid the chance of someone seeing you little %^&&** at the urinal. Right?

  • People shunned the "national opt out day" because they could not bring themselves to endure the inconvenience and other misery associated with being groped.

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