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Do back-up flip-up sights work well mounted to a railed gas block?

On an AR-15, would a flip-up sight work well with a gas block?

When I look at the upper receiver I am possibly going to buy from Midwayusa, it looks as though a rear sight would not align well with a front sight mounted to a RAILED gas black.…

its a 16" carbine.

I am open to just getting a quad-rail handguard, but even then would it work mounted to the hanguard?

If I did get a quad-rail handguard I would get the magpul MBUS sights, then mount a scope for coyote hunting full time, with the back-up sights for SHTF and mainly plinking.


That doesn't really answer my question, thats a no brainer that I would mount the sight at the end of the handguard, but I am talking about elevation wise, would the sights not be in a straight line, or at least be off to much?

Update 2:

I meant at the end of the flat-top receiver, why the heck would I put it in front of the scope anyway??????

I hate when people answer questions about guns and they assume they know everything about them. I had a guy who worked at cabela's the other day tell me he regularly makes 1200 yard shots with an AR-15, in a part of our state that is HEAVILY forested (washington).

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  • 9 years ago
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    A standard railed gas block is NOT the same height as the upper receiver, or any railed foregrip. Subsequently, they require a different height front flip up-- as you seem to suspect.

    There are gas blocks made to be this height, that WILL work with the standard flip fronts. There are also flip fronts made to fit the lower gas block. Confused yet?

    YHM and Troy industries both make excellent "Gas Block Back Up Sights". Troy just started offering theirs in both the HK and M4 configuration; I'm still on back order for them in the FDE coloration.

    Genius over there has a low profile gas block, which is over lapped by his rail system. As this puts his front and rear BUIS on the same plane, he can go with the standard heights. You, however, will need something special. Shop around-- I'm sure there's products out there I didn't mention. Just be sure it specifically says something about "Gas Block Height", or you'll end up with a BUIS you can't use.

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  • 9 years ago

    These things are all built to standards, so the people making the fore sights know exactly what height the gas block rail is going to be at. I have a YHM rifle hand rail over a low profile mid length gas system and the Magpul emergency front sight works OK. It's plastic though, so you can't use that on a gas block rail. On another AR I have the mid handguard and mid gas block, part of the installation was to lay them down on a flat surface and the hand guard and gas block rails are at exactly the same height as the flat top, I used a scope base to clamp them together while I tightened the lock ring.

    I have a flip up rear on one and a raised rail with an integrated NM sight on the other and both work with the flip up fronts.

    So anyway, so long as you don't go for any special high or low versions you should be OK.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well you mount a BUIS as far to the back of the rail as you can. meaning it would be mounted on the receiver rail, not the handgaurd rail. The only issue would be if the front sight post was off somehow.

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  • 3 years ago

    i've got on no account used this layout individually yet YHM makes an extremely reliable product. As for attaching it on your AR, that is somewhat trouble-free. as a replace of sliding it over the barrel, the backside products of the YHM disconnects from the YHM gas block/sight. then you extremely only pop it on and reinstall the clamps. i'm beneficial YHM advise lock tite yet in case they do no longer i might word some to each and all the screw threads. additionally, considering that it is your new gas block, you will could desire to slip interior the gas tube. only had to show that till now I forgot.

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