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sore throat, stuffy nose and head ach but i cant be sick tomorrow?

i have gymnastics stuff all this weekend so i can go to school like this kind of lol but i need it gone becase i have practice tomorrow showcase on saturday and team party on sunday so please help me

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    I have this same sickness right now. It lasts for quite a long time.

    It's a virus so there's no cure for it.

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  • 3 years ago

    appearing a salt water nasal rinse is the main suitable ingredient that I even have chanced on for easing the congestion. it is likewise talked approximately by different names inclusive of saline nasal irrigation. I want the isotonic (decrease salt point) recommendations. Gargling heat salt water can furnish some alleviation. For this use an rather heavy concentration of salt. additionally drink lots of warm tea. organic teas containing slippery elm bark supply the main suitable sore throat alleviation. i've got in no way had lots success with Robitussin. Decongestant pills containing pseudoephedrine (inclusive of Sudafed) could help some. what style of nasal spray did you attempt? Decongestant nasal sprays containing oxymetazoline (inclusive of Afrin) can furnish some short term alleviation yet should not be used for an prolonged time. Drink a lemon-lime soda inclusive of Sprite or 7-Up can help with the tummy disenchanted. pass the exercising consultation. Your physique desires each and all of the ability it has to combat off the an infection. good success, i'm hoping you start up up feeling extra acceptable.

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