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What kind of candies did people from Bethlehem eat?

Recipes would be great. Thank you!

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    For a history of candies you need to research Afghanistan and Kandahar. This is where 'candies' originated. I suspect candies there were more of a local thing at first, especially in First Century Bethlehem, which I suspect to be the time period to which you refer.

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    You mean in the time of Jesus??? Oh no - there were no candies. Those people were so heavily taxed by the Romans that they were lucky to have food at all. This is one reason why money is mentioned so often in the New Testiment - the whole population at that time was about half starved.

    If you were rich, 'candies' would have probably consisted only of dates - dried fruit - maybe a little wild honey.

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    Roasted nuts with honey. Dried figs.

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