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Is there a Jewish Holocaust movie?


Is there any Hollywood or other movie made on the topic of the Jewish Holocaust by the Nazis. It should cover areas on how Hitler caught the Jews from various places, deported them to Auschwitz, how the SS tortured them and killed the children, women, etc. It should also mention of Dr. Mengele, etc..

I am not looking for footages on YouTube. I am asking for an actual commercial Hollywood or any other moving picture with actors. :)


OK. Thanks for your answers. But how would you all rank the movies you have mentioned (considering it should cover most, if not all of the topics I have just mentioned above).

Which one would rank 1 to last wrt the movies you guys have listed. Thank you much!!!

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    3) Life is Beautiful is not a good movie to be honest. I've been taking Italian in school and my teachers have showed us this movie thrice. It's true that it does deal with the Holocaust, but the fact that it takes place in Italy ruins the atmosphere of the movie, because most people are used to hearing about Germany not Italy. Plus, the movie is basically a romance/comedy until half way through when they are taken to a camp. Sorry but I don't like love and funny mixed in with something that's supposed to be sad and depressing, though the ending is pretty sad but still.

    2) The Pianist is an actual good Holocaust movie, also something I saw in school. It deals with a Pianist, obviously, and his family. Nazis invade Poland and force families to pack up and leave to ghettos. There the Jewish families establish their own little community until the Nazis then take them to concentration camps. But, this Pianist guy escapes while he watches his family being taken away (why he didn't rescue them, because he wouldn't have a chance). Then the whole rest of the film deals with him trying to evade capture from the Nazis.

    1) Schindlers List deals with a wealthy German who at first employs Jews in his factory in order to make a profit but then starts hiring them in order to save their lives.

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    Shindlers List and Life is beautiful imo are the two best. Both very sad.

    I would rank Schindlers list as# 1. Steven speilbergs masterpiece of a film, very rough though not for the weak hearted. Ralph Fiennes is terrifying in this movie and ben kingsley is superb.

    - life is beautiful# 2- like the first guy said its like a comedy, your laughing then all of the sudden it becomes terrifying. Very sad.

    - inglorious bastards- more less a dark comedy it has some holocaust stuff but not really mostly about nazis. Great flick


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    I know "Life is Beautiful" is a Holocaust movie. I THINK this movie is about a Jewish man who tries to protect his family from it to the point he tries to make it like a game for his child so realize what is really happening.

    "Inglorious Bastards" have a little to do with the Holocaust.

    "The Pianist" (with Adrian Brody)

    "The Reader" (with Kate Winslet)

    ...Those are the biggest Hollywood movies of the Holocaust that are most recent that I know of

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    The Pianist, Schindler's List

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    "Life is beautiful" is an Italian film about the holocaust there are LOADS of them out there but this one is by far my favorite. It doesn't seem to be about the holocaust at first but it turns into a very serious movie about halfway through. You can watch it with english subtitles or dubbed with english voices

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