How do battery electric vehicles affect social welfare?

I don't need any environmental or economic benefits- being that there are SO many already known.

But how do these BEV's have a GOOD impact on social welfare?


If the sources can be given, that would be great!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Fortunately when you look at the numbers instead of just labels the electric vehicle is 6 times more efficient than its ICE counterpart.1

    Can you separate the environmental benefits of cleaner air from social benefits. Fewer people sick and dying seems to be a social benefit. Beyond this is the very perception that we live in a world that cares for such things as social benefits instead of only the bottom line. (See "The Tipping Point") The same may hold true with economic benefits. A social benefit that is costly may not ultimately be beneficial.

    Also keep in mind that in the overall scheme of things a BEV is only one possibility among many. Many mass transit vehicles are electrically powered but the power is transmitted to the vehicle. Solar vehicles, Fuel Cell electric vehicles and Serial Hybrids make the electricity on the vehicle and may not use batteries for the primary power.

    Mass transit conveys the advantage of transportation to many who could not afford it otherwise. For some who occasionally need to use vehicles but do not or cannot own one there are rental and car sharing companies. I am not surprised to see that there is a big push for rental companies to use electric cars for these services.2

    Electric vehicles are a new technology. Like a war or an attempt to get to the moon, they give us a goal and inspire social activity on a joint enterprise. There are some who do not like this movement as hope among the masses of society may be counter to their sense of control and power. You can see this in some arguments that suggest that there is no hope, are no solutions, or that there are not even any problems to be solved. In this way you can read what an electric vehicle represents for social welfare in the arguments against it.3

    Source(s): 1 "The [Tesla] Roadster's motor efficiency, battery-to-wheel, is 92% on average... For comparison, internal combustion engines have a tank-to-wheel efficiency of about 15%." 2 3;_ylt=AnxMt...
  • EVs move pollution out of populated areas, contributing to health.

    Less dependence on oil, which has a highly volatile price stabilizes the economy, creating more stable jobs.

    Loss of a source of income for terrorist groups means it is more difficult for them to fund an attack.

    Oil industry in Alberta (oil sands) has created a boom of workers, and this boom has somehow created a strong drug market in the oil producing areas.

    These are all I can think of off the top of my head.

  • 9 years ago

    currently electric engine vehicles offer little advantage over combustion engine vehicles as in all likely hood the electricity has been generated by non-green methods.

    plus they are less efficient as the fossil fuel has to be converted twice in the electric vehicle as opposed to once in the combustion vehicle.

    Electric car: Fossil fuel (chemical energy) => Electricity => kinetic energy.

    Combustion engine: Fossil fuel => kinetic energy.

    Although your social welfare will be very badly effected as most people will think you're a....

    Source(s): Jeremy Clarkson
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