Why does my new paint job looks like if it has swirls? ?

Why does my new paint job seem like if it has swirls after it got buff out? The color is black and you could see the swirls mostly with direct sunlight. Is there something I could to make them go away or do I need to buff it out again?

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    10 years ago
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    that's called swirl marks, and its from buffing, after painting the car sometimes things like lint or small pieces or dirt land in the paint while its wet or you get this orange peel look from the material not leveling properly, to fix this you have to color sand the top coat and buff the surface, this is why your seeing the swirls, its little scuffs or scratches from the buffing pad and the cutting compound( rubbing compound) the next step is polishing, using a foam pad on your buffer with a good Quality polish such as 3M or McGuire's will remove the swirls, you could take it back to the body shop that painted your car and maybe they will take care of it or you could go to a detail shop and have them do it for you, Good Luck

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