American faithfuls, is it worth it?

few American rich send poor or students peoples to fight for oil [Iraq] drugs [Afghanistan?

does it make sense to faithful person?



By Richard Weitz (07/22/2010 issue of the CACI Analyst)

In recent months, the Russian government has stepped up its attacks on NATO governments for failing to curb Afghanistan’s exploding opium production and the resulting surge in Eurasian drug trafficking. Since Western troops occupied Afghanistan in late 2001, opium cultivation has soared and the Russian government argues that NATO should take more vigorous action to repress the cultivation of narcotics in Afghanistan. Russian officials have indicated that they will press for aerial spraying of herbicides on the poppy fields. Although sympathetic to Russian concerns, neither the Afghan government, nor its NATO backers, are prepared to take such risky action, which could greatly assist Taliban recruitment efforts.


Afghanistan is the #1 producer of opium in the world - responsible for 87% of all illicit opium production - according to reports from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and its opium production has accelerated since the coalition invasion in 2001.

The November 2004 annual reports put out by UNODC show that Afghanistan opium production has been increasing each year since the coalition invasion. The UNODC report for 2004 shows a 64% increase over the previous year in the area of opium production, and a 22% increase in export value for the year(US$2.8 billion).

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    Not all thinks make sense to me and man does not always do what is right.

    the usa does not want drugs and the stupid tree hugger don't want drilling in the usa or anwar since they have no ideal what anwar really is or that most of it is barren thing will not change.

    and yes I lived in alaska and know about anwar

    Oh yes I do understand drilling to

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    On the subject of drugs, if the entire american nation stopped using drugs corrupt politicians would still use the Cia to traffick the drugs.

    if american politicians had drugs legalized, then it would be one more reason to cause the entire nation to be forced to Drink Soma, which is detailed in the book 1984.

    no matter what country has an army, the armies of the nations will be used and abused like contrators to follow satan, it doesnt matter if a military is Moslem or christian or Jewish, They will all serve satan.

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    Where did you get this from? The Sunday funnies? America should just burn the Fields. Once and for all.

    God Bless Ya,

    Chicago Bob


    There is more joy in Jesus in one day.

    Than there is in the World 365/24/7

    I know, I tried them both.

    Source(s): Darn if I know?
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    No one is sending anyone to Afghanistan to fight for drugs. You might want to re-think your entire opinion on this subject.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Poppy's are feeding the people, but you are right it should have been forbidden years ago.

    Russia is a mafia state and they don't have any room to condemn America.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry. No knowledge on this subject.

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    1 decade ago

    This question doesn't make sense to atheist person.

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    1 decade ago

    No,Im not in support of greed.

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