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Dog keeps running through the electric dog fence?

We just got an electric type dog fence that your bury on the ground and we installed it on our 1 acre property.

Our dog keeps running right through it!

I know it takes some time to get used of it, but she doesn't flinch at all at the shock.

We have tried turning it up, because we thought maybe we had it on too low of a setting and she still runs right through it.

What can we do about this?

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    Nothing. Once they figure out if they run fast enough through it the shock is so quick they hardly feel it, there is nothing you can do. My neighbors kept their 2 dogs contained by an underground fence....until the new neighbors moved in with their 3 cats. One of the cats was walking down the road and the dogs saw it...there they went after it. After that they just left whenever they pleased. The neighbors had to fence in the yard.

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    We had a beagle that did this. She would run through the shock zone and take the shock until she was out of range. It was frustrating. We even had it on big dog setting. She is an escape artist. We actually had to put up a real fence and then use the electric to keep her from digging under. The electric was inside the chainlink so she couldnt get next to the fence to dig. And she couldn't run through the shock zone because of the chainlink.

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    Get a fence or a wall that she can't get through behind the electric fence and train her not to go past the electric fence!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can actually train your dog not to go over the fence as dogs are fast learners and they live to please their owners - and we owners only have to make us understand what pleases us and what doesnt. The training only takes a while and is very easy so if you can allot a few days of training for your dog, an electronic fence is no longer necessary to keep your dog inside your yard.

    I recommend that you watch my 4 minute dog training video at which will give you important tips to keep in mind as you train your dog.

    Remember that training is the best way to let your dog understand what is the things that pleases you and will earn him praise or a reward. Dogs want to constantly please their owners, all you need to do is to personally give them the proper training ( which is very easy )to make them understand what you allow and don’t allow in your household. – Hope my advice helps!

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  • 9 years ago

    This is why I never recommend them to anyone. My neighborhood is full of electric fences and at least half of the dogs go right through them. Check with the manufacturer.

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    Did you bother to TRAIN her the boundaries?

    As in those little white flags etc.?

    What about providing her with proper mental and physical exercise prior to letting her out in the yard?

    It's not a fool proof system, and a dog that is unhappy and determined to run can and WILL run right through the fence.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would ditch it for a real fence. Some dogs just aren't compatible with underground fences.

  • 9 years ago

    i've seen dogs walk right through invisible fences without so much as flinch. it just doesn't phase some of them.

  • Chix
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    9 years ago

    stop torturing your dog. How would you like to get electric current passed through your body on a regular basis for doing nothing wrong. I honestly wonder how people can do this.

    Get a regular fence or rehome the dog.

  • 9 years ago

    Talk to the company that you bought it from.

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