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Do you must clean the abec bearings in your scooter? And if so when do you clean them?

And can u also tell me how to clean abec 9 bearings? and grease them?

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    ABEC is a standard that has nothing to do with the construction of the bearing or with performance unless you are significantly past 200 mph (it is for vibration in high speed machinery).

    Unless your wheels are turning slow, making crunching noises, or stop abruptly, you don't need to clean and relubricate them.

    There are many variations on cleaning them but they basically boil down to:

    Remove bearings from wheel

    Remove side shield (on an scooter, you will need to replace it, most of the instructions online are for inline skates or skateboards where you don't need to replace it)

    Wash out the bearing with your favorite solvent/soap

    Dry the bearing.

    Lube it with your favorite lubricant.

    Put it back together.

    Here are a couple links.

    The preferences are based on what works for you.

    For cleaning the bearings, I use lamp oil (desented kerosene) because it cleans out anything. I then wash it out with denatured alcohol which also dries the bearings.

    If you use a water based cleaner like citrus cleaners, do not soak them overnight since it can damage the bearings.

    Almost anything works for lubricants.

    Super light things like the sprays don't last very long. Some people spray them every time they go out.

    Oils roll quickly right away but are not as waterproof as greases or last very long.

    Greases are slower at the start but will last a lot longer.

    Use very little. A drop or two of oil or a few pin head sized blobs of grease.

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  • Greg
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    ABEC is not a type of bearing, but simply a rating system on the quality of the bearing. I clean and lubricate most bearings with WD-40. You only need to clean or lubricate a bearing if you've noticed a significant decrease in its performance.

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  • 9 years ago

    ok first thing is first thing is first never clean your bearings with wd 40 it will eat the plastic part of your bearing. clean it in 70 to 80 % alcohol or higher. dip them in and wash thoroughly.

    Buy special lubricant for bearing which should only cost $5. put the lubricant in the bearing and that should be it. it's the same for every bearing just make sure that you clean them every 2 to 3 months because they get clogged with dirt and such

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