Do you think music is dead?

Well I hear all these kind of music and it seems like it's all dying. Rap, rock, country, techno, pop, everything is not original nomore. And when someone wants to be original, it sucks. I wanna hear your opinions. And if u disagree with me, tell me any scene that it's still good.

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    Yes and no.

    YES, **COMMERCIAL** music is not only dying but it's been dead for a good ten years. When I worked in radio they had a term for music for the masses: LCD (lowest common denominator). They are trying to get the most people with the least quality. Look at it this way: white bread is the best-selling type of bread, but it's also the bread that is worst for your health. Also, remember that nearly every radio station in this country is owned by one of two corporate conglomerations, meaning they're all being programmed by the exact same person.

    NO, however, QUALITY music is NOT dying. Thankfully, because of modern technology with the Internet, satellite radio stations, and You Tube people are no longer forced to listen to what the commercial outlets spoon feed them.

    A personal example: I'm a hillbilly music fan. The entire "country music industry" today is overrun with people who HATE country music (you know, the stuff the Blues Brothers had to sing in the bar in order to prevent a riot). Does that mean that there's no country music being made? Absolutely NOT. In fact, Dailey & Vincent (whom I love) are nominated for a country Grammy, as is the most country-sounding thing to hit commercial radio since George Strait, Jamey Johnson (you MUST hear his version of Meat Loaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad":

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    ), while her nibs Taylor Swift IS NOT nominated. There's plenty of real country music in Texas (see the RFD-TV show "TruCountry").

    This carries over to all types of music. For every P.O.S. that makes it to the radio there are a dozen GREAT acts not being played on commercial radio, from long-time favorites like John Hiatt and Bonnie Raitt to newer acts (and why isn't Robert Plant's album with Band of Joy getting airplay?).

    This isn't saying that old farts like me didn't have our share of crappy music on the radio. I grew up in the 70s, and all I need to say is "disco" (and if that's not bad enough, I'll add "The Captain and Tennille"). But there was a remedy: FM radio was playing early Springsteen, Boz Scaggs' "Loan Me a Dime," much more Skynyrd than just "Free Bird" (of course, I was living in Florida at the time and they were Florida boys), people like Warren Zevon, Joan Armatrading, and Randy Newman BEFORE they had their "one big hit," etc. Today we don't have the "FM radio" of the 70s (remember, songs like "Stairway to Heaven" and "Free Bird" became popular because FM jocks played them -- neither song was released as a single!); however, we DO have "The Loft" on Sirius/XM and the Internet to spread the word about people like Drive-By Truckers and Jason & the Scorchers.

    Good, quality music (in all genres) is alive and well. It's just in hiding.

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    not really, we're not in the golden age of music but good music still comes out all the time. I honestly think Lady Gaga is pretty original and talented, Country music hasn't been good since the 60's with Johnny Cash, Metal is good, mudvayne and Tool, A perfect circle, Kings of Leon . Techno is probably the best it's ever been, Cobra starship is actually pretty good too. Pop is pop, not much to say. Rihanna is good. Rap is getting better, i'm glad were finally got out of the gangster stage, I love Kid Cudi, i honestly think he's the future of rap

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    Music isn't dead in my opinion, but I disagree with "when someone wants to be original, it sucks". I love experimentation and new sounds, I guess that is what keeps me going. Indie rock is doing pretty good right now for example.

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    there are no "scenes" that are still good as a whole. there will be many many unoriginal artists in every genre or scene. music is dying and there are thankfully some bands that refuse to help it along

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    Music's always been "this bad", it's just we have selective memory and choose to remember only the good music.

    Milli Vanilli is about 1000000x worse than any pop artist of today.

    The lower-mainstream rap and rock scenes today are pretty good.

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    Just in hibernation

    oh you want original, listen to Sleigh Bells, 2010 band, look up their songs Tell Em and Infinity Guitars on Youtube.

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    I don't think music is dead at all, and I can't recommend you good music because good to me could be nails on a chalkboard to you

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    Dead? Compared to what? 450 B.C?

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    I think that music has cancer.

    The cancer is Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers (Disney) and sl.uts like Ke$ha who are killing music. Music was very healthy on the 90's and even early 2000's.

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