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Kay asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Brief Political History of Mexico?

And information on current politics

Thanks in advance


No stupid comments please.

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    Ok so the spaniards arrive in the early 1500's and colonize the region. Basically peninsulares (the rich nobles from Spain) were the ruling class for decades that had the natives work as farmers on huge tracks of land. In the early 1800's father hidalgo wanted to free Mexico from the Spanish monarchy. By this time, Napoleon had conquered Spain and put in his own monarch. Hidialgo led the revolution initially, and was then killed by authorities. Various leaders tried to lead the movement until Mexico gained independence. Numerous weak leaders made grand promises, but then focused solely on retaining power. Then in 1860, the French invaded and took over Mexico. Juarez had been in power and tried to enact liberal reforms. He then fought off the french and took over as president. He died shortly after wards. A strong man named Diaz then became a very cruel and powerfull leader for close to 40 years. Then in 1910, Diaz announced there would be an election finally, but then canceled the election. Numerous leaders tried to seize power, and a bloody revolution began. Leaders such as Pancho Villa emerged as bloody leaders that fought for the poor natives. A liberal constitution was enacted, but Cardenas was one of the few presidents to follow it. Cardenas was president in the 1930's and he was the one that nationalized the oil industry by seizing the American property. Since then, growth in Mexico has been very limited. A very rich minority owns a huge amount of the wealth. Very few leaders in the past 70 years have made serious attempts at enforcing the Mexican constitution. The history of Mexico is extremely complicated and confusing, but I hope this helps.

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    Well, first there was the Spanish. They were overthrown by the Mexicans. Then those Mexicans were overthrown... and so on down the line. Somewhere in there Santa Ana lost Texas, and America gained California.

    And now Mexico has a generally corrupt government that cannot, will not, or makes profits from not controlling the drug lords down in Mexico, making the whole country dangerous for its citizens and tourists, as well as making the U.S.-Mexico border insecure.

    Source(s): Texas History and news reports
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    5 years ago

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    I didn't realize that there was anyone left. I thought everyone left that rotten craphole because they would rather live under our rule, begging for the scraps at our table

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