What was the craziest album that Travis barker played in?

I want to know what a really crazy song or album that travis barker did with blink 182 and don't say anything from the album blink 182 cause that album is no crazy at all

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    10 years ago
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    The self-titled album is actually pretty crazy, but compared to his other work it's not much. His work in that album is complete with simple but fast beats and there's often a drum solo or wicked fill somewhere in the song. Like in The Fallen Interlude. But if we're talking I Miss You, then I agree, it's not crazy at all.

    I think the craziest album that Travis Barker has ever played in, is Enema Of The State, his first album with blink-182. Take a listen. Here are the craziest songs drumming-wise on EOTS in order.

    1. Anthem. This is seriously the fastest drum cover I've ever seen. It's complete with over 43 drumrolls (yes I've counted) and it's so fast! It's also my favourite song. Here's a drum cover of it by someone on Youtube. My comment was the highest-rated on the video (my Youtube name is schnitzelsticks)


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    2. Dumpweed. Considerably fast and complex, but a little bit repetitive.


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    3. Dysentery Gary. Not very crazy, but very good though and pretty fast.


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    4. Wendy Clear. Not extremely difficult, but very crazy.

    Some other crazy songs that Travis drummed for, that is not from Enema of The State:

    1. Time to Break Up. This is reaaaally fast and has some fills that might not be humanly possible. Travis is a beast, so it's easy for him. :P


    2. First Date. Good song and SICK drumming. The drums are a bit heavy for this song, but I love it!


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    3. Anthem Part Two. It's a bit dull compared to Travis's other work, but it's still awesome. :)


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    Hope I helped. :)

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    10 years ago

    Rush avatar, I'm disappointed your asking about Travis Barker but I guess he is good at his genre. I'm not really a blink 182 fan so I can't answer.

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    10 years ago

    That album is no crazy? You no crazy!

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