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what is the movie where there is a vampire being held prisoner next to an empty swimming pool?

okay so there's only a few things i remember about this movie.

1) the vampire's burned body is brought in for autopsy, and his tooth pops out and bites the woman doing the autopsy.

2) He is blonde and gets held prisoner next to an empty pool underground somewhere. there he is tortured with sun lights.

3) there is an older asian actor who plays a vampire hunter that uses a whip as a weapon. (it mostly decapitates)

4) at one point a guy's face is bitten off and the edges of whats left of his face grow teeth. at one point he gets a bottle of holy water poured down his throat. he fizzles.

5) in the end, he and the girl that his burned up body "bit" (she is newly turned) end up leaving together.

I have tried to find pictures from this movie, and it's like it just dropped off the face of the earth. I've been looking for it for months and cannot find it anywhere.


oh my god!!! that's it thankyou sooooo much! ^^ i have no idea how to post a reply to your answer hope you see this.

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    Dracula II: Ascension (2003)

    starring Jason Scott Lee, Diane Neal, Jason London, Craig Sheffer, Roy Scheider

    Wikipedia summary excerpts:

    1) The film focuses on a small group of scientists who hope to use Dracula's desiccated — but still alive — body to discover the secret of immortality. Elizabeth Blaine, working at the New Orleans morgue, receives Dracula's 'corpse' from her friend & co-worker Luke following the events of Dracula 2000. (This is a departure from the epilogue of the first film, in which Mary Van Helsing explains in a voiceover that she had returned Dracula to London and assumed her father's duties as Dracula's keeper.) Elizabeth examines the body and pricks her finger on a fang in what is supposed to be a human mouth.

    2) Dracula taunts Uffizi with the fact Elizabeth will simply die and Uffizi knows it. In his weakened state, Dracula is not quite a match physically for the priest, who manages to get a whip around Dracula's neck and begins the rite of absolution. Elizabeth, now a vampire, attacks Uffizi from behind and wounds him. She leaves with Dracula, who says he is letting the hunter Uffizi live because he knows Uffizi will follow and eventually find him.

    Here's Part 1 on YouTube, which might have the complete film:

    Youtube thumbnail


    This is a sequel to "Dracula 2000", and there is a sequel to this one.

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