how does disneyland relate to psychology?

any ideas? i have to write half a page on how does disneyland relate to psychology?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Perhaps the psychology of comfort, wonder, or discovery?

    The architecture of Disneyland is precisely determined to appeal to a variety of senses and to shut out the outside world. You enter the park through one of two tunnels over a red-bricked terrace. The terrace was designed by Walt to suggest a red carpet, and the tunnels keep the park hidden from view until the last possible moment (he had originally wanted large curtains to part, like in a theater, but realized it would be impossible logistically).

    Main Street is homey and charming with its turn-of-the-century buildings. But the buildings themselves are specially designed to get smaller toward the top, a technique called forced perspective, making them appear taller without being foreboding. The same effect is used on the Castle, where the bricks get smaller toward the top, and the Matterhorn with its smaller bushes. Main Street also lends itself to other senses, piping the smell of candy onto the street from the Candy Kitchen and having little audible scenes play out from upstairs windows, like the piano lesson or the visit to the dentist.

    Much like at the front entrance, the entrance to Fantasyland through the castle is designed to encourage wonder and discovery, as guests can see the Carousel whirling through the Castle gates.

    The park itself is designed to keep the outside world from penetrating, hoping guests would leave their cares at the front gates. There isn't a spot inside Disneyland where you can see any buildings outside the park (unlike California Adventure which does have views of hotels outside the park).

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  • 9 years ago

    How it appeals to them. How fantastical things and excluded places are 'getaways' both mentally and physically. How it makes a older human revert to childhood, etc.

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