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I really want to be a Pararescue Jumper but, i want to be very very sure of what there missions are?

In other words i would really like confirmation by militaary personnel ( please ) that they do CSAR, and EMT activities, and also i wouldlike to know how do they get into STS or STW ( and if there is a difference ) aslo please i would really really like to know this do they do normal combattant activities, i know that they do sometimes classified things.

So there, also please don't tell me go check on internet i've been there and done that ( trust me ^^ )

All i really want is confirmation on all of the above and more ( if you care to share the info ) ^^

So there....thats about it, thanks for your taking your time to help me out ( also please, people with militry XP in past or present than you )


ok guys thx really it helps me out cuz as i get older and maybe closer to joining the armed forces ( or not who know lol ) i just want to be sure so that i don't make any mistakes

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    9 years ago
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    They do CSAR, SAR, respond to major emergencies ie. 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina response etc. They do not perform "normal combatant activities" in as many words; a team of PJ's would not be sent on a direct action mission to capture or kill a terrorist... direct action is not the mission of PJ's. They would use SEALs, Special Forces, Rangers, any of the groups qualified and focused on this type of mission. However, it is possible and frequent that a PJ will be attached to a direct action team (ie. SEALs), for their knowledge and experience in combat medicine and various rescue techniques. Most of the things they do are considered classified, even parts of their training are classified. Classified information does not necessarily imply combat information.

    STS vs STW... I'm not sure what you mean. I assume you are using these acronyms to denot Special Tactics Squadron and Special Tactics Wing? Correct me if that is not what you intended. In any case, however, I think the terms you meant were STS vs RQS... Special Tactics Squadron vs Rescue Squadron. And on that front, I honestly do not have a clear understanding of the difference, I've never bothered to learn it. You would probably be able to find an answer on the website I post below, I believe I've seen the question before. You could also have confirmed most of the information you requested by visiting that website, and if you have any further questions you should look there first. It's a very impressive resource for special tactics wannabes.

    I would also recommend the books None Braver and That Others May Live. They will give you further insight into what a PJs missions and lifestyle may include.... but a pretty safe summary is "train, train, train, train some more, deploy, train, train, keep training." Being a PJ is not something which can simply be achieved; it can be accomplished but must be maintained, and is likely never easy.

    All of this information is available online with even just a moderate amount of searching, I'm just a wannabe myself so none of this is privileged information. Good luck in your choice.

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  • 9 years ago

    The Pararescue Jumpers on our base were primarly concerned with rescuing downed pilots on and behind enemy lines.

    Source(s): Air Force Military Experience.
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  • 9 years ago

    I'm not too sure of what they do day to day but their main job is search and rescue which would include going into areas under fire

    Source(s): in the process of going for PJ
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