i need four songs that i feel should b included ona soundtrack for the book "Looking for Alaska" by John Green?

please help me i cant think of anything!!

i also need to explain how the song is appropriate fo the novel.

but i can do that myself i just have no idea what songs to use. they can be any exsiting song. please if you have any sugestions i would appreaciate it(:

also this was a VERY good book!! if you havent read it you should!

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    9 years ago
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    " Anchorage " by Michelle Shocked.

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  • 9 years ago

    "I Am Going to Alaska" by The Mountain Goats

    This song uses Alaska's name in a very literal sense, but it you take it as a metaphor, then you'll be able to find the connections in the song between Alaska the place and Alaska the person. Here are the lyrics:

    The jacaranda are wet with color,

    and the heat is a great paint brush, lending color to our lives,

    and to the air, and to out faces; but I'm going to Alaska

    where there's snow to suck the sound out from the air.

    Up, yes, in the branches,

    the purple blossoms, go pale at the edges;

    there is meanining in the shifting of the sap, and I see in them traces

    of last year, but then they hadn't grown so strong,

    and their limbs were more like wires. Now they are cables.

    thick and alive with alien electricity, and I am going to Alaska,

    where you can go blind just by looking at the ground,

    where fat is eaten by itself

    just to keep the body warm.

    Because from where we are now, it seems, really,

    that everything is growing in a thousand different ways;

    that the soil is soaked through with old blood and with relatives

    who were buried here, or close to here, and they are giving rise

    to what is happening. Or can you tell me otherwise?

    I am going to Alaska, where the animals can kill you,

    but they do so in silence, as though if no-one hears them,

    then it really won't matter. I am going to Alaska.

    They tell me that it's perfect for my purposes.

    There's also a fan-made song called Looking for Alaska that's very, very good. I think it may be on iTunes, but here's the link to the original video of the song:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Withered Hope by They Might Be Giants also sort of goes with the book. Here are the lyrics:

    Withered Hope

    Very Sad Sack is a sad bag

    Very, very sad

    Very Sad Sack

    Withered Hope says she is his friend to the end,

    But she doesn't like Very Sad Sack

    Today Withered Hope saw the Very Sad Sack

    And she tried not to meet his eyes

    And he cut out a paper heart, pinned it to his arm

    Gave her everything he was holding in his head

    This is what he said:

    Withered Hope, I'm in love with you

    Want to live with you, Withered Hope

    Are you going to say to me this can never be?

    Are you going to say to me, Withered Hope?

    Sad Sack

    Sad Sack

    Withered Hope says she has a soul mate

    Living in a city in another state

    But the soul mate thinks about a picture in a book of a beautiful crook

    And the picture of the crook in the book is in love with the brand new motorbike

    But the motorbike doesn't like crooks,

    It's obsessed with the Very Sad Sack

    Sad Sack, I'm in love with you

    Want to live with you, Sad Sack

    Are you going to say to me this can never be?

    Are you going to say to me, Sad Sack?

    Sad Sack

    Sad Sack

    Alaska is 'Sad Sack'; she has a boyfriend back home, and the narrator of the song is like Pudge in the book. He keeps asking 'Sad Sack' if she's saying this can never be with no real answer the same way Pudge never got an answer about whether or not they would ever be together.

    "Wake Up New" by The Mountain Goats. Here are the lyrics:

    on the morning when I woke up without you for the first time,

    I felt free.

    and I felt lonely.

    and I felt scared.

    and I began to talk to myself almost immediately,

    not being used to being the only person there.


    the first time I made coffee for just myself,

    I made too much of it.

    but I drank it all,

    just 'cause you hate it when I let things go to waste.

    and I wandered through the house, like a little boy lost at the mall.

    and an astronaut could've seen the hunger in my eyes from space.

    and I sang oh

    what do I do?

    what do I do?

    what do I do?

    what do I do without you?

    on the morning when I woke up without you for the first time,

    I was cold, so I put on a sweater.

    and I turned up the heat.

    and the walls began to close in

    and I felt so sad and frightened,

    I practically ran from the living room out into the street.

    and the wind began to blow and all the trees began to bend.

    and the world in its cold way started coming alive.

    and I stood there like a businessman waiting for a train.

    and I got ready for the future to arrive.

    and I sang oh

    what do I do?

    what do I do?

    what do I do?

    what do I do without you?

    This song deals with the loss of someone special and still believing that they're there just like Pudge did when he was constantly in denial as to whether or not he was gone.

    Good luck with this if it's a project, and I agree; it's an excellent book! I hope you can find how these songs relate to the book further than my explanations. :)

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