Best site, or youtube link for breakdance?

So, I have this cool competition in my school coming up, and i wanna learn some cool breakdance moves, and I'm a girl... Also, I'll be performing alone, so if you can find something that looks good enough without a crew xD thanks! :)

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    Ok actually first of all i want to give you some lil advises

    Breakdance it's really cool but it's not so easy, means that it's not based only with a choreo

    You need to work out a lot.And not because it's something ''In'' now.So basically first of all you should know your level;)the ''cool'' moves gonna come later with practice.I can show you a LOT of cool vid with cool moves but it's not just ''following'' or else you will hurt yourself and personally as a b-girl I'm really in pain all the time but i use at least a program.I'm not trying to scare you but to give you some advises or else you will not be even able to take part in the competition.

    So generally i can give you some ideas and then you can check your level;)

    1.start with Top rock(it's the MAIN thing so you can drop and start using footwork/downrock)

    2.Footwork(VERY important find some combos and practice 6 step ,2 step, 3 step,helicopter,12 step so you will know the basic and start creating you OWN combos.Don't practice fast,find the STYLE your own style so they will look cool and clear.

    3.Freezes (BASIC to built muscles for the powermoves)

    practice turtle freeze(check on youtube)baby freeze,and chair freeze(you will find everything on youtube)then do your own combos

    4.If you got all that you can start with some more difficult moves like windmills(very important)cricket ,back spin,swipes,hops etc

    and here few links


    Youtube thumbnail

    windmill tutorial(check his channel you gonna find some very good tutorials)

    Youtube thumbnail

    swipes(also check his channel)

    you can watch the movie B-girl(you will get some pretty good footworks and ideas)

    and you can also check for more stuff

    If you want to watch cool vid just write Bc one break dance.It's only x fun if you want to do something cool you should practice some tutorials and learn the basic;)

    & good luck with the competition!!

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    check out this video.

    you can search youtube, or distractmefrom for more breaking dancing video.

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    Youtube thumbnail

    these guys are sick bboys for korea. ENJOY

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