what are two ways the the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean affect the weather in ohio?

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    Gulf Of Mexico brings warm, moist humid air to Ohio at all times of the year. You know those days in the summer when it is 90 degrees with extremely high humidity? You can thank the Gulf of Mexico.

    Those days in the winter, when it is unusually warm and windy , like 55ish and raining? Gulf of Mexico is pumping in warm moist air into the area. Severe weather outbreaks are also a result of the warm moist air being sent into Ohio. In addition, you can thank the Gulf of Mexico for not living in a desert, since most of the rain that you get was in some manner connected to the Gulf of Mexico.

    The Pacific Ocean moderates the weather extremes not only in Ohio, but the entire U.S. when the storms move into the area, bringing in moderately cold air in the winter, with cloudy skies and rain, this, as opposed to when the airmasses come from the North, they are much colder, many times bringing snow.

    Also, Pacific storms can dump quite a bit of rain over the region and cause severe weather in the Springtime when they hit the warm humid conditions in the state - that got here by way of the Gulf of Mexico. Weather is all realted in someway.

    Source(s): I am a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Southern Region www.srh.noaa.gov
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    The Pacific ocean will provide the cool air and the shortwave jet energy to Ohio while the Gulf of Mexico will provide the warm and moist air from the south. The are some of the key ingredients that makes up the weather and climate of Ohio.

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    while the warmth moist air from the gulf collides with the cool air comming in from the Pacific west, it creates tornadoes many situations. Ohio is a state that's a factor of tornado alley. that's centrally placed so as that the warmth air from the south and funky air from the west meet and turn out tornadoes.

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