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Need help with saying certain times in German?

1. 2:10

2. 1:15

3. 5:45

4. 3:00

5. 11:05

I need to be able to know how to say these times in German.

Thank you ahead if time for the help.

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    Telling time in German requires three basic ingredients: the numbers from 1 to 59, the German for "to" and "after," and the fractions "quarter" and "half" (past).

    A quarter hour is viertel

    A half hour is halb

    For "half past," you say halb and the next hour. "Halb acht" = 7:30

    After is nach. "Es ist zehn nach zwei" = 2:10 (It's ten after two).

    For "quarter past," you say Viertel nach: "Viertel nach ein" = 1:15.

    To or before is vor (FOR). "Viertel vor sechs" = 5:45. "Zehn vor elf" = 10:50.

    English "o'clock" is Uhr in German. "Es ist drei Uhr" = 3:00 (three o'clock).

    For precise times, you say Uhr between the hour and the minutes: "elf Uhr fünf" = 11:05.

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    1) zwei uhr zehn

    2) viertel nach ein

    3) viertel vor sechs

    4) drei uhr

    5) elf uhr funf

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