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are airplanes scary? getting on one for the first time.?

are airplanes scary? i have never been on one before and im getting on one for the first time sometime next week or the week after that. i live in California, me and my parents are driving to an airport around Sacramento and im going to Mexico for christmas break. But back to the question, are they scary?


well im also gonna be with my parents on the plane

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    They can be, but not scary as in an amusement park thrill ride.

    We are human beings who are attuned to being on the ground. Being in the air is not natural for us. So, sometimes we feel as if we are in danger because this.

    When you enter the airplane, you will likely hear the humming of the engines, and may feel the vibration of the engines. There will be a whining and possibly a hissing sound. Later, the pilot will put on a "fasten seat belt" sign. The stewardesses will give a presentation. Then everyone, including the stewardesses buckle up, and the plane will move to runway. Then, takeoff, the plane will quickly accelerate. This will push you back in your seat. It is gentle pushing. The engines are loud now. When the plane reaches takeoff speed, it will start to take off. This feels like being in a fast elevator, and this at the same time as the pushing. During takeoff, you rate of ascent will change. For you, it may actually feel like the plane is LOSING altitude! But it's not, this is another trick of the body. (Remember. Flying is not a natural state for people, so what we perceive in an airplane is not true). Your ears will pop. When the plane reaches altitude, it will level off. Again, it will feel like the plane is going down, for a sec, but it's not. Another trick of the body as the plane stops moving upward. From here, most times, you feel little, if any, sensation of movement or anything else. When you look out the window, you will see the clouds off to the distance, and underneath you -- Sometimes it appears that the wings of the plane are slowly passing through clouds, when it seems they should be zipping through. It feels, and looks, like you are just floating, but you are really going several hundred miles an hour. The clouds drifting by is an optical illusion. Sometimes, though, the plane is not in gentle air. When this happens, generally, the airplane will hit updrafts and downdrafts. Remember, our atmosphere is in constant movement. Air currents are going left, right, up and down, at different altitudes and speeds. As you pass from one current to another, the plane may seem to sink or raise. If it's really bad weather, it will bump. All of this is perfectly normal, and perfectly safe. You may feel like you're falling from time to time, but you're not -- The plane just hit a downdraft or left an updraft (so it stops going up and, like takeoff, you feel like you're going down because you're not going up as fast as you were). Landing, the pilot will put on the "fasten seat belts" sign again. Everyone buckles up. He noses the airplane down. Sometimes, it feels like you are going down in an elevator; other times, it feels again like the car that has sped up. Sometimes it feels like both. As the plane goes further down, you will again have a sensation of speed. This is because you can now see the ground, where before, you couldn't, so you senses (designed for the ground) can now see that you are moving fast. The plane may weave from side to side, you'll have more of those up - and - down sensations, but everything is as it is supposed to be. You will hear the engines quiet, sometimes sounding like the pilot has turned them off altogether. S/he hasn't. He's turning down the engines to allow the plane to go down, instead of up, and to slow it down instead of speeding it up. When you are very near the ground, the pilot will "flare" the plane for landing. This means, he actually pulls back on the yoke pointing the nose up. This feels like you are starting a takeoff all over again for a brief second, then it will feel like starting that fast elevator down for 2 seconds or less. You may feel a bump as the landing gear hits the ground. You will usually hear the screech of tires. For a moment, the plane will actually feel like it is speeding up instead of slowing down. Then, you will hear the engines rev up. This will sound a lot like takeoff, and the plane will begin to vibrate. It will feel like being in a very large vehicle where someone is putting the brakes on hard. The plane will slow, and you will taxi to the gate, and your flight will be over.

    It is scarey for some people, but there is really nothing to be scared of. What to know is this: You don't have to worry, unless the stewardesses are worried. All the sensations of falling and danger are simply because you are a human being, designed to be on the ground, and are now in a state that is unnatural for your body, so your body and mind may try to play tricks on you, as if you are in danger or falling. But it's not real.

    So, that's what you can expect. Relax and enjoy it. It is an experience that not many people get to enjoy.

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    Airplanes are actually not something like curler coasters, lol. My first airplane trip substitute into in grade 6, and on the initiating it substitute right into somewhat frightening, yet believe me it rather is exciting. :) on the initiating I felt like it substitute right into somewhat too tight. Like i substitute into feeling somewhat clasterphobic because of the fact each and all of the seats have been style of close mutually. So then I took my seat, and then while the provider human beings (you be attentive to, the people who come around with the drinks and ask you in the experience that your doing ok) presented themselves, i substitute into feeling extra advantageous and safer. Then while we've been approximately to take off, i substitute right into somewhat scared. and that's while my ears began popping. even nonetheless it wasnt that undesirable. in case you chew gum and swallow lots you would be ok. while we've been given up interior the air I feeled high quality because of the fact my ears ajdusted to the airpresser, i substitute into not clausterphobic or scared. And the better area is once you could take your seat belt off and walk around (approximately 30 minutes into the flight). You absoluty sense not something. It would not even sense like your interior the air, it sounds like your on the floor lol.

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    I used to be scared of heights but I had my first plane fight. When I went on the plane to keep me concentrated on something else I talked to family. I actually enjoy them and there is a 1/435 chance that, that plane is going to crash so no there not scary I actually enjoy them.

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    its not scary, when it takes off its going very fast, once you get in the air its smooth sailing unless, the pilot runs into some turbalence(minor shakes) and before you know it you r landing. good luck in mexico and be careful.

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    No they are not scary! Or dont say that till you ride one! It is a very fun, safe and fast way to travel. Beyond your belief. Spread your wings and fly!

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    lol, i ride them all the time, if your sitting next to a fat guy yes because your gonna die of suffocation... but srsly if you think about it, theres a 1/10000000000 chance that something bad actually happens but i rode them as a kid and always thought they were fun taking off and landing so im used to it... also try to get first class seats to not sit by annoying *** babies and crazy old ladies

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    No,it's not. Just relax. Especially you're going with your parents.

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    no they aren't scary. but do take along ear plugs. they are noisy.

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