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Can a guy in his mid thirties have a huge crush on a 20 year old girl?

Like he just stares at her all the time and everyone laughs at him for liking her. He tries to run into her just to look at her? Would this sort of guy even WANT anything with the girl or does he think its fun to watch this girl he's attracted to??


I'm talking about me, obviously.

Do you "older" guys just want to sleep with younger girls--nothing serious?

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    this is how it works in our white society:

    when an older woman 50 years old dates a 20 year old.. she is called a cougar and he is called a toy boy. Then his business becomes successful and as a 35 year old guy he decides to catch up on the time and youth older women took from him with a younger woman... and then cougars and women and society call HIM a "pervert" or "dirty old man" and her a "gold digger" (regardless of whether he is rich or not).

    And then "dirty old man" and "gold digger" go on to create almost all of society's biggest gap marriages while "cougar and toy" generally crash and burn mainly for fertility reasons.

    Its called irony.

    Now I cant speak about all couples. Every couple is different...but my parents were more than 20 years apart and my mom was not 40 when they met. She was 19 (wed in mid 20's).

    And then i was born and my sisters too.

    So... of course an older man can fall in love with a 20 year old. Female beauty doesnt begin at 30 or 40. It begins at 18. Most people who are beautiful at 40 were beautiful at 18 (only more so).

    white culture tends to glamorize older woman younger male and demonize older male younger female because everything we do is illogical and cracked in the head.

    As far as i'm concerned... he is a cougar and she is his girl toy. And they are both adults and can consent. Young women have the same freedom boy toys have. And men have the same freedom cougars have.

    But i have an IQ well higher than the average white guy. Its over 130 (not the standard 100) plus I was the child of a big gap couple, so i have NO choice but to apply superior logic to this issue.

    Older men are stereotyped as being "too dangerous" for younger women...but in truth.. younger women are too dangerous to older women (you know. the whole "starter wife" thing).. and thats why older women invented a bully system whereby any male who leaves her turf is a "perv" but SHE is a self professed grand cougar with no barriers and rules and regulations.

    I probably wouldnt even realize this if my dad hadnt taught me it despite my higher than normal IQ.

    YES. If females would stop pretending beauty starts at 40 and just accept reality..... .. .this wouldnt be so shocking to you.

    now my dad's case was unique because he spent his youth building a business and destroyed 2 families by being a non attentive workaholic. So he finally reached a point where he didnt have to work so much (his employees could handle the load)..but now he wanted a family and most women his age.. already had kids or werent fertile anymore.

    Sometimes an older man wants a much younger woman NOT for the "Sex" but for the FAMILY that comes from sex.

    Fertility. remember?

    My dad wanted a big family... and thats what he got.

    So from now on.. anytime somebody says "why do older men like younger women?".. You know to say "because younger women are beautiful and fertile".

    so freaken obvious.

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    The best advice I would give you is to just wait until she is 18. Whether or not you guys plan on doing things, it would still be frowned upon and people would still be against it. If a relationship between you two really have potential, you wouldn't mind waiting until she's 18. Hanging out and continuing to be friends and all is fine but being official would be a bit weird for everyone else. Just to be on the safe side, wait until she's legal. If she really is mature, then she should understand that things could be very hard to maintain and that you could get into trouble. No matter how different you are from every other guy or you true intentions for dating her, it's best if you just wait. It's one year, no big deal. If you care for her and if she cares for you that much, waiting another year shouldn't be difficult.

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    I cannot say what his motivation is concerning you. He may find you nice to look at but if he does not know your personality or anything else about you it would get old fast. Either he is a bit off or he wants to get to know you. If he has not spoken to you yet then I think he is odd. You are over 18 and can date anyone you want and the age difference is something for you to think about. He is not a pedophile but he does sound a bit strange. I see younger girls who are very attractive but it means nothing to me. I can admire their beauty but that fades with time, and I would have very little in common except breathing and that is not enough. I would not want to sleep with a younger girl because they are not as attractive to me as women my age and I would feel like a fool if nothing else. I would pass on this guy and look for someone more viable.

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    Age is just a number. Prior to thirty years ago it was a natural match up for that kind of age difference. Men are usually always attracted to young women unless they have mommy issues or are young still and women are attracted to older men because they have their **** together and don't want to play games like boys do.

    Anything is possible, don't get on the American bandwagon created just so old women could compete with young girls in the dating department.

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    Yes, I think it's possible.'s also possible that he's a stalker. I think it's okay for him to glance, but not stare at her like a creep. I am only 21 and my boyfriend is 30, I think a lot of younger women like older men because they're more mature, and a lot of older men like younger women because they're more innocent and not so serious. I don't know, it all depends, Good Luck....

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    In His Thirties

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    it is ok for a guy in his 30's to have a crush on a 20 yr old girl .. what's weird though , is his behavior .. men at this age are usually mature and confident and he'd come straight with it and express his intentions ... but this guy is acting like a 13 year old around his friend's hot mother or something ...

    he may be emotionally disturbed.


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    Yeah, but the girl has many candidates available. He has a reduced and confusing x-generation ahead in time of him, and a mixed divorced group who flopped out of marriages or single girls who are still figuring out their career paths. Either way he is robbing the cradle at this point, and she should let him pass by.......

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    if he may just be attracted to's cool if he is...he should know his limits though. Most guys that age want some bed-action wt a girl who's that young.

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    yes. im 20 and ive dated 30-35 yr olds.

    my last bf was 40..but he looked and acted 30

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