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What is the status of Michael Douglas? The tabloids have him dying tomorrow?

NO............I do not buy those pieces of trash.

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    Michael Douglas has finished his cancer treatments. He's looking thinner (I believe he lost about 20 lbs.) but, otherwise, seems to be doing OK at present. He will not get a prognosis till early in the New Year. He's the feature story in this week's People Magazine (this is an actual interview with him).,,20446204,0...

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    Poor him. The cancer has really taken its toll on him. He has really aged. I think it is worse than the family is letting on However he is the consummate actor and I heard he is starting a new movie. So good for him.

    He might be getting worse but at least he will go out doing what he liked to do best. I wonder if this illness will finally straighten out his wayward son . Open his eyes before his dad dies and do something decent with his life.

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    I heard he was actually doing better.

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