Smart (asian) carrier no longer available for yahoo messenger mobile?

My gf is in the philippines and has been having issues with her sim not sending messages even though she has load. She usually uses the mobile feature of yahoo messenger, so when she logs out of the desktop client it sends her messages to her cell phone and she can send messages from her phone also. She wants to change it to her new sim phone number but when we go look at the settings it doesn't allow us to change it. if we try to add a new number it only lists US carriers with no option to use Smart as the carrier. I tried downloading the asian version of yahoo messenger and installed it and the option is completely missing. How can I change/add her new cell number so she can use it to send and receive messages like she used to?

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  • 10 years ago
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    As a business, Yahoo can use or not use things they feel aren't profitable (or for whatever reason) they care to. Their list of carriers has always been relatively limited and now it seems to have shrunken more.

    There's really nothing you can do about it except getting a carrier that Yahoo uses, sorry.

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