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How to overwrite administrator on Windows 7?!?

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At my school everyone is given a tablet computer. The tech guys set up our accounts and we don't have full administrator privileges. I would like any possible way to overwrite ...show more
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Unless you log in as an administrator you can not change any user's rights to the machine. Think yourself lucky you are given a machine, many students round the world can not even afford books. And are not given any. You'd probably only destroy the machine if you had admin rights. And any attempt to bypass this is likely to be transmitted to the school IT, and renders you liable for a prison sentence for hacking THEIR accounts.
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  • LETICIA R answered 3 years ago
    its almost impossible as its from school and those comptuers are really secured ...the is a way but you have to pay, is to buy an windows 7 password cd off ebay, it will scan the computer and give you the password for the administrator account....
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  • Martie Pope answered 3 years ago
    Regardless of system spec and operating system you would need to gain access to the username and password of an administrator to elevate your privileges, probably all set in the Active Directory on the server(s).
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  • Drew answered 3 years ago
    You will need a utility designed to crack the password. There are many available on Google. Yahoo doesn't approve or such discussion.


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