what is some other music i might like.?

i love Gorillaz, beck, nada surf, artic monkeys, flaming lips, beastie boys, salt, porishead, the violent sohos, beatles, the xx, kings of leon, nine inch nails, tool, david bowie, audioslave, weezer, wilco, depeche mode, joy division, the cure, new order, tori amos, filter, u2, velvet underground, fleetwood mac, lou reed, r.e.m, patti smith, the smiths, lenny kravitz, alien ant farm, guns n roses, dead milkmen, circle of jerks, black flag,sex pistols, echo and the bunnymen, black keys, billy idol, butthole surfers, coldplay, the cramps, deftones, dead weather, the doors, foo fighters, gene loves jezebel, devo, melvins, toadies, MGMT, motley crue, nirvana, pearl jam, peter bjorn and john, eugene and the lizards, queen, queen of the stone age, REM, radiohead, ryan adams, school of fish, red hot chili peppers soup dragons, sunny day real estate, offsprings, oingo boingo, team sleep, them crooked vultures, the vines, the twilight singers, white stripes, rob zombie, white zombie, the dead can dance, jesus and mary chain, and tom waits.


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    operator please

    pony pony run run

    keren ann

    emilie simon



    the do

    le corps mince de françoise

  • Explosions In The Sky




    Brand New

    Cage The Elephant


  • 9 years ago

    I feel like you'll like

    Stone Temple Pilots

    Alice in Chains

    Army of Anyone (the band is literally STP + FILTER)

    And maybe these ones


    Faith No More

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  • 9 years ago

    You'd probably like Sonic Youth and of Montreal, you liked some experimental stuff and some "indie" stuff is why.

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  • Check out Necrophagist, I reckon you'll love them.

  • 9 years ago

    Sheesh Your exactly like me and my freind! But all i can say is Beatles!! but you like them and the list is to big so if it dosent say AFI then Afi lol

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    9 years ago

    the killers or the script

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