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How are heat waves related to global warming?

How can they happen more frequently because of global warming?

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    Global warming, the human part of it, is the term used to describe the overall and average increase in the Earth’s temperature. As the world warms up heatwaves are becoming more frequent and more intense.

    So far the planet has warmed by a little under 1°C, this might not sound a lot but in climatic terms it is very significant and the effects of a seemingly small change are quite dramatic.

    A European study by the meteorological office of Switzerland (MeteoSuisse) found that the number of days on which heatwaves occur has nearly trebled and that heatwaves now last twice as long as they did back in 1880 when global weather records were first maintained.

    These heatwaves are becoming more extreme. Earlier this year we witnessed the second deadliest heatwave ever recorded when large parts of Russia was gripped for several weeks by intense heat. The worst heatwave ever occurred just seven years ago and claimed up to 52,000 lives in Europe.

    Regarding the above answers: The destruction of the ozone layer is something different to global warming, there are some links but it’s not the cause of the heatwaves. The argument that heatwaves are nothing new is true – they have always occurred, but at nowhere near the frequency and intensity as has been the case in recent decades.

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    What Mike L says... they have been around and will always be around. The average temperature of the globe is always ocillating... to say that the globe is getting warmer is a true statement, but to say that it is a consequence of human activity is not necessarily true. If you were to look at the average temperature of the earth's climate over the last million years, you would have a graph that looks like a sine graph. At some points, the average temperature is much colder than one would expect. It is just a naturally occuring cycle. Global warming is NOT due to damage to the ozone layer. In 500 years, we will be facing another cooling cycle, and panic over an impending ice age will likely ensue.

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    heat waves changes environment conditions adversely.

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    Heatwaves are not new . They've been around millions of years .

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