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why was the renaissance important in history?

what was it importance and signigicant of the renaissance imporant including art, literature, and science??

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    the Renaissance was important because there were many new and great inventions and ideas in to how people could live their lives in a new and better way. there was new trade routes to and from asia, like the silk road. many new thoughts were happening in religion, which was humanism. Renaissance means to be reborn.

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    This was The age for arts in all forms! From painting, to music, to acting, the renaissance had a major hand in developing the arts to where it is today. Religion was larger then life at that time and it was reflected in everything. Sciences and new discoveries where cultivated. This was the golden age for advancement! Religion and the arts are the most influential things even today, think of how big it would be when telescopes were cutting edge technology and better paints enabled artists like Davinci to create his master pieces! *is a renaissance fangirl*

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    Renaissance, along with developments like Reformation and Geographical Discoveries, is said to mark the beginning of the Modern Era in European, and also, World History.

    Renaissance was not an event but a movement, the happening of which was realised only in course of time.

    It was a slow cultural Revolution that had its impact on Literature, Art and Architecture. In all these fields there was the revival of classical aspects. Glory of Greece and Rome was realised. Their models were adopted. This gradually broke the monotony of medieval life. In the place of dullness of the religion-centred medieval life, there was greater literary and artistic activities. This encouraged at least some to think and to revolt wherever necessary.

    The spurt of such activities at different places in Europe and their fast spread throughout Europe indicated how the people, especially the upper middle class,welcomed these.

    Inventions like the (movable)printing methods helped the movement.

    The changes that the historian sees in 16th and 17th century Europe, as compared to conditions in the 12th and 13th centuries(Dark Ages), are definitely the contribution of the Renaissance.

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    It brought new ideas and advances in technology, science, math, liturature, and the arts. Without the Renaissance. Here are some famous artists of the time: Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Durr, Jonans Guttonburg, Rafael, ect. A great scientist was Galileo Gallile, and Martin Luther was a very smart and influential man of the time.(He created a religion). The medici family in Florence also had a huge influence on the renaissance and new ideas.

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