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Did canada ever invade the united states?

Did Canada ever invade the United States? If so, did they burn/attack the White House? When did this happen? Obviously not something everyone has heard of... i did some research and can't find articles on it. I remember reading it, and seeing something on history channel. Thanks so much!

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    In 1775 and 1812, British forces operating from Canada invaded the US, although the invasions of Canada from the US are better known.

    No, Canada didn't burn the White House, that was the British on 24 August 1814, but it was partly in response to the US burning the Parliament building in what is now Toronto the year before.

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    The war of 1812 was between the US and the British. The Americans were trying to 'free' the Canadians from the British even though the Canadians did not want to be 'freed'. Canada has never invaded any country.

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    Yes they did! Yesterday you did not read the news. The White House has taken considerable damage. President Obama stated that the Canadians do not belong on American soil, however if they are willing to pay off our debt we can reach a compromise.

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    ...the British did (from Canada) when "they" fought at Fort Ticonderoga (NY)

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    LOL that would be the shortest and most pathetic "invasion" in history.

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    Those were the Brits.

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