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what are examples of sustainable energy besides nuclear, wind, hydroelectric, solar, and geothermal energy?

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    Atmospheric vortex energy usage imply the erection of a vertically placed, very large open ended "pipe tower". A controlled tornado is the result and unequaled advantages are also obtained. The energy can be in the order of hundreds of megawatts and many Lives can be spared as well. You are invited to read the page 21 named : Tornado Prevention Chimney Energy which is content of my source here below.

    I lost the links ( somewhere under tornado chimneys or so ) but there are some units with photos or sketches, already built and working, or at least proposed by scientists.

    I must however admit that my plan of quenching real mad tornadoes by tapping the energy that fuel them in a more gradual manner, long before their touch down, may get me in the dog box as

    follow : They will make the first one too small to spare costs and then it will be too slow to discharge the energy, and there it will go like a giant cheer leader baton - all along the high way.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): www.weciboo.com (sorry children) page 21 compiled with the aid of data and education obtained from google's wikipedia encyclopedia.
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    Once, when we were filling our electric needs it was clear that if you could not back up a river you were building a coal fired power plant. Then you either brought in a railroad or barges with coal. You hardly had to look up from your drawing board to check the environment. We still tend to build our houses the same way. Now, It really depends upon the environment, the size of the project and available resources. If you don't have lots of water, sun, wind or land then the sources associated with those options will not even be practical. On the other hand if you have a high head of water behind a dam, lots and lots of sun, a sure high velocity wind or volcanically active area your choices may be much clearer. When you are considering an entire country some of these sources may be better suited for some areas and others in different places. Under our current political environment hydro would be an easier sell than any of the others if available because it has a history. Other options would first have to be explained and reviewed as a concept. Eventually Solar, wind, and geothermal may be available anywhere as we advance technology to more efficiently capture ambient light, use the highest wind currents in the atmosphere (floating wind generators on tethers), and use dry well geothermal in almost any location. At any one time, some technologies may have cost advantages over others. Some of this will be due to subsidies and beginning to add otherwise externalities into the real costs of producing power.

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    Examples Of Sustainable Energy

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what are examples of sustainable energy besides nuclear, wind, hydroelectric, solar, and geothermal energy?

    Source(s): examples sustainable energy nuclear wind hydroelectric solar geothermal energy: https://shortly.im/yCgmz
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    Also we have, literally, millions of children born all over the world that could be put to use running on giant hamster wheels. One poor third world child could power an entire household for a couple bucks a day. They don't eat much and water is free.

    Nobody will miss them because chances are there family has already been genocided.

    So add slave power to your list.

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    We has a society hope that the particle "masher" can create enough energy to someday fuel half the world's energy for the next 20,000 years.

    Doubt that will happen, so for now we have natural gas and coal other than the renewable resources you mentioned.

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    Wave power.

    Solar thermal

    Atomic battery (good for recycling plutonium and such)

    Anything you can get rotary force, or generate heat from.

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    i think solar enery is sustainable.

    1. for the solar panel system long lifetime, about 25 years.

    2. though it is expensive than the custom electronic enery,but from a long time, it is useful.

    3.it is a clean energy. its material just mono or poly crystalline.

    if you need some panels, please visit www.szsolarpower.com

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    Hey i'm here for the first time. I came across this question and I find the replies truly useful. I hope to give something back and assist others too.

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    Add waves and tides.

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