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Is Julian Assange a hero?

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    Of course he is. And to those who think he is a rapist obviously know nothing about the case, the rape charges against him where dropped earlier this year and the arrest for Assange was withdrawn up until the recent controversy with Wiki-Leaks and the case is suddenly open again - The Swedish arrest warrant by the Supreme Court of Sweden has also breached European human right laws and Sweden has been known to have misused international arrest warrants for political purposes in the past. The charges against Assange are unwarranted and have a underlying political motive.

    Wiki-Leaks has not put anyones life at risks despite Hilary Clinton's bias and incredibly pathetic speech, the only thing Wiki-Leaks has done has brought a cloud of shame upon various world leaders and politicians, all sensitive information that could risk a persons life is edited out.

    I am all for the freedom of information and what Assange is doing is not treason on any level. Politicians are angry and scared because of the information he has acquired.

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    Yes for taking the USA's pants off!

    And no for being accused of rapes!

  • Who?

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    No, he's an accused sex-criminal and a money-hungry spy !!

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