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is it true that companies do not give their balance sheet to students?

i have heard that firms do not often issue their b/s and p/l a/c

is that correct, why?

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    Financial statement for public companies are available for free on the internet at such places as msn money or yahoo finance. The following is the balance sheet for AT&T.

    Private companies do not produce financial statements for the public.

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  • 10 years ago

    Public companies (which are traded in public exchange) have to disclose their finanacial data at certain intervals (usually every 3 month). But these data are actually sensitive information about the status of the company, which is useful for competitors, costumers and suppliers of the firm, So Most private companies keep their financial data secret, and wouldn't provide their statements for external people.

    If you want to do a project which requires financial statements, I suggest you choose a public company as the subject, and thus get access to the reports easily.

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  • 10 years ago

    Unless a company is a corporation and is required to do so by law, they generally do not release their financial statements to students or the public. In fact, many private companies do not produce the same financial reports that public companies do. The requirements for financial reporting do not apply to private businesses.

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