Pacific Northwest History - Insight School Quiz?


Until 1853, the _____ Territory included the land south of the 49th parallel.

A) Washington

B) Northwest

C) Canadian

D) Oregon


The Convention of 1818 also stated that Great Britain and the U.S. would jointly share the Oregon Country for _____ years.

A) 30

B) 50

C) 10

D) 15


America’s eleventh President, James K. Polk, was famous for his expansionist goals and campaign slogan “_____ or fight.”

A) 54°40’

B) 49°40’

C) 52°40’

D) 48°40’


Which President signed the omnibus bill that admitted Washington to the United States as the 42nd state?

A) Harrison

B) Polk

C) Jefferson

D) Cleveland


What was the population requirement for a territory to apply for statehood?

A) 100,000

B) 200,000

C) 125,000

D) 250,000


When did Washington finally gain statehood?

A) February 8, 1853

B) November 29, 1847

C) November 11, 1889

D) November 1, 1905


The only territorial and state capital in the history of Washington has been located in _____.

A) Seattle

B) Yakima

C) Federal Way

D) Olympia


_____ and silver mining were responsible for attracting people into several areas of Washington during the latter part of the nineteenth century.

A) Diamonds

B) Coal

C) Gold

D) Copper


Frederick _____ was the region’s largest private land owner and the founder of the nation’s largest forest-products company.

A) Douglass

B) Weyerhaeuser

C) George

D) Hume


Fertile semiarid farmlands throughout the Columbia Plateau’s major river valleys became productive agricultural fields as a direct result of _____.

A) fertilizers

B) daylight savings

C) irrigation

D) farm vehicles


Gold rushes cause miners to move into remote areas to extract gold. The California Gold Rush really aided the growth of Seattle, Washington.

A) True

B) False


The _____ was an aggressive, violent labor union that had considerable influence with miners and wood workers in Washington during the early-twentieth century.

A) American Federation of Labor

B) Congress of Industrial Organizations

C) Washington Central Labor Council

D) Industrial Workers of the World


The completion of Grand Coulee Dam and the use of the glacially formed coulees allowed the _____ Basin Project to be developed in the mid-twentieth century.

A) Snake

B) Columbia

C) Yakima

D) Hood


The _____ project was a top secret project to build the atom bomb during World War II.

A) New York

B) Roswell

C) Area 51

D) Manhattan


What type of work did the Civilian Conservation Corps perform?

A) Built roads, trails, and parks

B) Painted murals

C) Protected the coast of Washington from invasion

D) Provided child care for the wealthy


Executive Order #9066 was designed to _________.

A) Provide new economic opportunities for the poor

B) Encourage women to enter the workforce while many men were fighting in the War

C) Detain all residents of Japanese descent living west of the Cascades

D) Mandate all manufacturers to supply goods used for military operations


The largest hydroelectricity dam built on the Columbia River is the massive _____ Dam. With its recently completed third powerhouse, it has a capacity of producing more than six million kilowatt hours.

A) Snake River

B) Dalles

C) Bonneville

D) Grand Coulee


Environmentalists and the timber industry have been at odds over the plight of the _____ and its habitat requirements of original growth forestlands.

A) Javan Hawk-Eagle

B) Northern Spotted Owl

C) Great Indian Bustard

D) Southern Mudhen


Washington’s largest wood products company is _____.

A) Weyerhaeuser

B) Canfor

C) International Paper

D) Boise Cascade


All of the following characterize the Palouse Hills region of Washington EXCEPT

A) The Touchet, Walla Walla, Grand Rhonde, and Tucannon rivers cut deep gorges through this region.

B) Summer in this region tends to be very hot and dry with little or no moisture.

C) Steppe grasses and sagebrush cover most of this region.

D) Its most important physical feature is Puget Sound.

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    14. D) Manhattan

    15. A) Built roads, trails, and parks

    17. D) Grand Coulee

    19. A) Weyerhaeuser

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