What is the best home security camera?

I am looking for a system of 3 cameras, that can record directly onto the internet. I would like to have something that is good in the dark and also has a good resolution.

Does anyone have any suggestions, because I have no idea where to start. Thanks so much!

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    CNB cameras are not high end and are made in china,

    Spyville just sell products made in china and are also quite low quality.

    Most IR cameras do not give good images in the dark specially cameras under $200. Many companies claim good night vision but there are only a handful of brands who give night vision over 30 feet out doors. normally if a cameras is rated 150 feet of IR it will give you ok images at 30 feet at night and good images at about 20 if rated for 60 feet you might get 15 indoors and will be useless outdoors.

    2 Great IR outdoor cameras

    http://ascendentdvr.com/ascentseries2/52… ($95)

    http://ascendentdvr.com/vistaseries2/vis… ($255.00)

    Economical DVR's

    Two good economical DVRs I would recommend are Ascendent's AVP-4120 DVR or Pelco's DX-400. The AVP-4120 uses the latest H.264 codec to improve streaming and recording time, and will allow PCs and smart phones to remotely view and control your cameras. These are the DVRs I would recommend that are good quality and affordable from companies who stand behind there products.

    Always buy DVR and security equipment from a good brand name manufacturer like Pleco, Bosch, Honeywell and Ascendent: http://www.ascendentgroup.com

    Unfortunately many people buy very low end systems which have poor frame rate and bad image quality because they buy from Amazon, "spy stores" Lorex, Q-see, NCIX, new-egg, and other online retailers who sell cheap products for china there were never intended to be anything more then a nany cam and should never be used to provide security.

    Not all DVRs are created equal, in fact there are many options that offer varying performance much like the automobile industry. In the world of DVRs you can find the equivalent of a $10,000 Kia and a $350,000 Ferrari and everything in between. Both have 4 wheels and windshield but that where the similarities end, it’s under the hood that counts. Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for.

    The smaller the files size the more images are able to be sent, and the faster they can be processed improving both FPS and speed. File size is the heart of any DVR and goes far beyond just its streaming capabilities, as it also determines the recording storage time, how much you can back up at once, how fast it renders and searches video. The file size of a DVR impacts the performance of the DVR in just about every aspect from speed to longevity and is often the most important spec of any DVR.

    If you are buying a DVR and streaming is a high priority I suggest you ask for a demo and connect to the DVR to make sure it is able to stream fast enough for your needs. Most DVRs say they have remote viewing but it is often too slow and laggy to be of any use especially if it is a standalone.

    Just like any other consumer electronic in the end you get what you pay for. Most retailers and sellers make about a 40-80% profit margin, this is after costs like shipping and overhead. That means when you buy a product that costs $100.00 the manufacturer usually has only spent $30 to build it which simply means it’s not a good product and will probably have a working life of about 2 months. Cheap products are like disposable razors they are NOT designed to last for a long time and you will end up replacing them every 2 months.

    DVRs need to be good quality as they run 24/7 (20X more than the average electronic device) and process anywhere from 30-480 frames per second which in a year is over 15 billion images, and a good DVR should last 3-5 years.

    Again if you are going to buy no name products save money and get dummy cameras they are just as affective and you will be less disappointed.

    Hope this Helps,


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    You can find the best security system for you and your family. The IP Cameras contains INSTEON Wireless Security system offered within huge discounts. These INSTEON Wireless Security IP Camera is a great solution for your home.

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    This is a bit like asking: "Which is better in a car, a seat belt, or an airbag?" They both provide protection, but do it in different ways. And they provide the best protection when both are used together. Alarm systems can detect an intrusion, notify the police and neighbors that an intrusion is occurring, and possibly scare the intruder off before he does much damage. Camera systems are generally used to provide documentation of what occurred "after-the-fact". For example, if someone broke into your home, you could look back upon the recorded images and possibly be able to identify the thief. If properly placed, cameras can also be used while you are home to observe what is going on. In my opinion, the average homeowner would be far better off with an alarm system than a camera system. There are many sophisticated things that can be done with cameras (remote monitoring of cameras from a security station, video motion detection, etc.) but these types of things cost far more than most home owners are willing to spend.

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    While this seems like a simple request, it actually raises more questions - but here's some info that you should find helpful. In the "old days" people recorded on VCR's with tapes. Tapes couldn't' hold much, had to be changed, wore out, etc. DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) changed all that, since they digitized the video so it could be stored efficiently, moved around via the internet, and accessed remotely. Problem was, you were still recording pretty much everything. Then along came cameras that could sense motion (video analytics) - and that changed things again, especially for home video. Now it's mostly commercial video users who need to store constant footage (like at a cash register). Around the home, cameras only need to store footage when there is motion. So, a motion activated camera can send a 15-second clip to you (you can view it on your web-enabled phone), and also store the clips for you, off-site. And, you can live view through the camera at any time, through any web enabled device. Pretty slick, and that is exactly how our cameras work, in conjunction with our interactive wireless home alarm system. In fact, we actually do not charge any extra for these video features, which is why we sell a ton of cameras.

    I am not sure if we are what you are looking for, but you may want to check out what we do, just to build your frame of reference (sorry, bad pun!) as you shop.

    Here's a link to an article on video monitoring:


    And here's a link to the camera page on our web site:


    Source(s): With over 20 years in the alarm industry, I work for FrontPoint Security (http://frontpointsecurity.com), a leading nationwide wireless home security provider. Our company offers cellular monitoring and next generation features the “big boy” traditional companies have not figured out yet. I am offering this advice to increase awareness of what alarm systems can (and should!) do. The more we all know, the better!
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    9 years ago

    CNB V2815NVR 1/3” DAY/NIGHT HIGH RESOLUTION VANDAL RESISTANT. This is the best home security camera.

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  • 9 years ago

    go to www.techcctv.com or give them a call they helped me with my security system

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