electric motor to suit 18v solar panel?

is there any other types of fans capable of running 18v of power from a solar panel? other than radiator fan motors. i am trying to build a homemade air conditioner so i need one that's fast. would two 12v (14cm diameter) CPU fans able to survive 18 volts? thanks in advance

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    Ryobi makes a great unit that runs on an 18v battery. It has 2 speeds, is highly reliable, and can take a real beating. You can easily solder in a home unit, through the battery pack terminals, to accomplish exactly what you are looking for.

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    Absolutely! See the forum below, and look in the section titled "solar water pumping." Surprisingly, many, but not all, AC motors will run off DC. For example, a portable drill generally will run off DC, even if it's made to plug into the wall. The typical large solar panel (2.5 x 5 feet) puts out perhaps 22 volts at 5 amps under good sun, and you'd need 4 of them to run your drill. The lower voltage is because the motor has less impedance at DC. The manufacturer won't guarantee that this scheme will work of course, and in fact, no one will, myself included. You're taking the risk, yourself. Google "run AC motor off DC" for more details. If all you're trying to do is a demonstration, see if you can find a computer case fan, and connect that straight to your panel.

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