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ok soo :( it won turn on so i google it and it said hold both buttons plug it in and hold home button or w.e so i did and it asked if i want to restore it ? do i ? haha WILL I LOSE MY MUSIC is the real questions please please pleaseeee help me :( !


oh my :( will i ever get it back what will happen to it ? how can i make it better without loosing my precious music ?

Update 2:

Thanks Everyone :) helped sooo much u saved my life !

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    Try holding the on/off botton untill the apple sign comes up

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    Hmmmm most possibly yes if you restore it you will. But than again if your iPod kept syncing with iTunes and backing up you can restore from the day that it last backup'd to iTunes. That way you'll still have all your notes and contacts and music and pictures. I'm pretty sure it will be fine but maybe if before you try to do that press the power button for five seconds than while still holding it press the home button until you see the apple and than it disappears which will take about ten seconds and than hold onto the home button for twenty five seconds than let go. Afterwards hold the home and power button until it comes on and hopefully you'll be out of safety mode and you won't have to restore it. :)

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    Restore it it will just loose all your contacts and stuff like that if your music is on the computer you are restoring it with then no you won't lose it will just take it off then all you have to do is sync it after it's done restoring. But if it's not then try to restore it with the computer the music is on.

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    If you restore all the music, apps, photos, etc. will be taken off, but when you sync with iTunes after restoring everything should be put back on.

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  • 9 years ago

    I believe restoring it will take it back to factory settings, meaning yes, you will lose all your music. If you have your iTunes set up properly, you should be able to put all the music on again though.

  • 3 years ago

    You will lose the music and such that has not been cloud saved, but if you git the music directly from iTunes, then you could always reload it on to your iPod touch. The only things you ll really lose would be app data that isn t cloud saved or saved in the servers provided for the game (i.e. clash of clans, clash royale, etc.)

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    9 years ago

    no i do not believe you will lose your music. since it said restore than it will probably just go back to being the way it was before it started to now turn on. so i hope i helped!

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    Restore it. You can put all your songs back on t after it has been restored

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    It will erase your music. I had to restore mine and it took everything off. I had to resync all my videos music apps and pictures.

    Source(s): It happend to me.
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    9 years ago

    You hold both buttons down to fully restart the WHOLE thing. If it remains unresponsive, I would suggest try charging it. Again, if it's the same, call apple. ;C

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