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Help! My pre-lit Christmas tree lights are turning off and on...?

I literally put this tree up yesterday (this is my first time with a fake tree, let alone pre-lit) I don't know alot about fuses and stuff like that so I'm hoping someone could help. Just as I was about to take a picture of the tree to send to my mom, the top portion's lights all went out. I started checking the bulbs, and then, while not even touching an actual lightbulb...the lights went back on. It was very strange, because I wasn't actually touching any lightbulbs, just had my hand in the tree. How do I know if this is a fuse? Or a bad light? Is this unsafe? I know it sounds weird, but that's what's happening. As of right now the lights are on, but I'm still wondering what to do. Thanks.

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    I think you must have a slightly loose bulb; I have had this exact thing happen and it turns out it was a bulb loose in the socet - not all the way out and when I wiggled the tree the loose bulb made a connection and all the lights came back on. I don't think it is dangerous but please refer to your instruction manual for safety regulations.

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    Thump each light in the strand that went out. You may find and replace a faulty light. It is not a fuse to your base plug or a breaker causing your problem. No one can Guarantee you if a strand of christmas lights are dangerous or not unless they are there. turn them off when you sleep and when you are gone if you have any doubt,

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