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It's your job to remake your favorite film from the 70's & 80's...(this one is for you, Johnny M.)?

Every copy that ever existed of your favorite film has been lost & it's your job to remake the film & make it better. New actors & everything.

SO, what's the film? & who are you going to cast (you can't cast the same people.)

You can either do two films, one from each decade or just one. Doesn't matter :)

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    The 70's

    The Exorcist.

    I know, it's almost blasphemy! But every copy has been destroyed and mankind must not live without this film!

    Chris Macneil: Cate Blanchett.

    Father Merrin: Ian Mckellen.

    Lt. Kinderman: Brian cox.

    Father Karras: Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    Regan: Chloë Moretz.

    The rest can be played by unknown actors. Keeps the costs down.

    First I'd crank up the tension to 11! No, quick cuts or MTV editing. We're keeping this movie slow and threatening. Much of the terror of the original lies in its sound design. I'd hire Ben Burtt to make this movie an assault to the ears.

    Next I'd hire Hans Zimmer for music. I only want a beautiful opening and end theme (movie begins nice enough to throw the viewer off guard). In the movie itself i want more ambient sounds then music. Almost ugly sounds to accompany the sound FX. The sound and "music" should scare the living daylights out of you.

    I'd hire KNB for make-up and pea soup and Framestore for some minor CGI work.

    The 80's

    Soul Man.

    This movie will stir up some crap in this day and age. But perhaps that's what we need. If you don't know the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVtsvIpJFTw

    Youtube thumbnail

    Mark Watson: Andrew Garfield (I know he's got some soul in him).

    Sarah Walker: Meagan Good.

    Gordon Bloomfeld: Jay Baruchel.

    Prof. Banks: Tyler Perry.

    Mr. Dunbar: Tom Wilkinson.

    Whitney Dunbar: Evan Rachel Wood.

    As always the rest can be played by unknowns.

    I want an original soundtrack for this film (next to the existing soul tracks that are going to be in it). I'd ask Brain McKnight to do the songs for the movie and Harry Gregson Williams for the score. These two will work together since Some of Mcknights tunes will find it self in to the score and vice versa.

    Next i want Garfield to change. To darken up his face and having a wig is not enough. This guy must sound, act, walk and move like a brother. That means the whole shabang! A speech and movement coach.

    (Before the PC police screams murder and death, i am part black, part Brazilian Indian).

    For make up duties I'd hire Rick Baker. If he can Change Eddie Murphy in to an older Jewish man. I'm pretty sure he can change Andrew Garfield in to a black man.

    Since i've had my share of problems with racism (when i date outside of my "race"...whatever that means) from both sides. I'll take those experiences and apply them to the script. The Message of the movie is an important one. We all know it but we never act on it. We are all the same, we are all equals. When all is said and done we are all of one race. The human race.

    I wish i could make this one for real! Hahaha! :)

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    1966 Plague of the zombies- Oh hammer videos you probably did it lower back seventy 4 Captain Kronos Vampire hunter - that's a sword combating vampire slayer that would desire to place blade to disgrace 1985 return of the living lifeless- It basically freakin rocked...greater BRAINS!!!!! The memories on the instant are ok yet horror have been given good in approximately sixty 4 with spider little one ( i think of I ought to HATE YOU)and ran stable throughout the previous due 80's with Zombies, Vampires and slashers . this type of great form of cult classics and super horrors i'd desire to call one hundred and could nonetheless choose I named basically one greater.

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    From the '70s, it has to be "The Sting." That is such a great, complicated, funny movie.

    - I can't decide who to go with for Henry (Paul Newman's role). I could see anyone from Pierce Brosnan to Hugh Jackman, from Terrence Howard to Robert Downey, Jr., in it - anyone who could exude rascally charm.

    - As for Johnny (Robert Redford's character), I totally see James McAvoy doing that role. He rarely does comedy, but when he does, he's hysterical. There's something about him that just says that young, bumbling, quick-study sort to me.

    From the '80s, I have to go with "Beetlejuice." I just love that movie!

    - For Beetlejuice, I don't think there are many people who could do better than Michael Keaton. If I had to choose, Robin Williams. Second choice - Jack Black.

    - For Lydia, how about Ellen Page? She may be a bit too old for the part, but she would be ideal.

    - For Adam, it has to be someone a bit on the nerdy side but still likeable. Maybe John Krasinski or Justin Long.

    - For Barbara, hmm. Someone likable who can do motherly. How about Julia Roberts?

    - For Delia, Sharon Stone. I know that sounds a little nuts, but I really think she could do cold, artsy stepmother with humor.

    - For Charles, Lewis Black all the way. Can't you see him ranting while he's trying to relax?

    - For Otho, again, we could go Jack Black. He could totally do detached and pretentious. So could Ricky Gervais.

    - And for their case worker Juno, we'd have to cast Betty White. Doesn't she get every role for women over 65 these days?

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