Can i connect from asia to oceania without much lag?

hi. I live in indonesia, south east asia, and most of you know (should know) that indonesia is RIGHT above Australia (Oceania). Since i could not find any decent game with an indonesian server i thought i might look up servers which are relatively close to indonesia, such as Australian server. so hmm, im planning to download Combat Arms Oceania version, and before i waste my laptop's energy on downloading it, can i ask.... will my ping be high if i connect from indonesia to australian server?? how high could my ping be?? my ping currently right now, if i play an indonesian server, is 44 ms.. australia is very close to indo, so i was wondering if i could play there without lag...


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    nope your gonna lag

    i lag even when i connect to a canadian

    server when im in the usa

    so yeah your gonna lag

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