HELP! What should my persuasive speech be about?

So, for my English class, we have to write a persuasive speech about something we would like to change about the world and why and we have to persuade the readers why it's important. It must start "I have a dream the one day ___________." I need help trying to find a topic to write about. I'm thinking maybe one day people will learn to love one another despite being different? And ending stereotypes and prejudices? Anything will be greatly appreciated! Please & thank you!


Yes, this may be similar to Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech, but that's what we are reading and working on in class and my teacher thought it would be great to do something similar to his speech.

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    well if you are gonna write i have a dream one day that ppl will learn to love one another despite being different, isn't that kinda similar to MLK's speech?

    In my opinion, i would write a persuasive about ending stereotypes. It is not only easy, but also an important issue.

    *EDIT: I get what you mean by it is similar. But you can still have the similar format with a DIFFERENT topic. So I still think ending stereotypes would be better.

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    I would write about something that comes to heart to you and maybe has happened to someone or something you know. Maybe you can choose something that the media is focusing on right now, not only is it important and a 'hot topic' but since the news brings it up you can gather information from articles to support your essay.

    Isn't this kind of like the Martin Luther King Jr thing? I did one of these in 3rd grade only it was really simple.haha.

    Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

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    -attempt to be an organ donor -you may want to not use microwave ovens (analyze the hazards slightly) -cell phones might want to not be allowed at the same time as using Hmm can't imagine of any others precise off the right of my head..yet I merely had to do a persuasive speech some weeks in the past too. you are able to google distinct exciting matters.

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