is my vomiting due to ulcerative colitis? plz help me i need help any nurses or doctors?

its been 2 years since ive hard ulcerative colitis, during flair ups i do have diarrhea at times and have to visit the bathroom twice a day. Recently for the past 4-5 months ive been working out and excersing their for i need more food to supply my body, however when i eat food i get full instantly and cannot force myself to eat any more because i feel like vomiting. even after eating i feel like vomiting. i have vomitied in the past after pushing my limit and eat a plate full and a sandwitch and taking a protein shake couple hours later. i have never expericned such a problem in my life until recently. is this due to ulcerative colitis? please help me I CANNOT VISIT A DOCTOR I DO NOT HAVE INSURENCE IF I DID HAVE INSRUENCE I WOULDENT BE ON HERE ASKING OF HELP LOL SO IF YOU CAN HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CANT MIND YOUR OWN. im in despreate need of help and dont feel like reading a bunch of negetive comments. if you can provide me a email where we can talk more i would appriciate it thanks for the support

my email is

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