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im 14. im a size 13 in jeans and a medium in tshirt i have to wear a solid white button dress shirt and black dress pants for a school event this weekend. any advice? should i get long or short sleeve? belt or no belt? what type of belt? shoes? what type of collar? etc please help! serious answers only

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    You aren't a teen, teen starts at 16, 15 for some- a lot of people say it is thirteen because thirteen has the word teen in it but that's just as stupid as saying 3 P.M is night-time just because it has the word P.M in it. Because you look like a child {no different than when you were 10-11 only a bit taller you start looking like an actual teen around 15-16}, you are one mentally, and there are no legal oppurtunities open for 13-year-olds so therefore you are still a kid. They just say that because they want to grow up fast or their parents want them to so they can throw them out at 16 or so.

    Anyways, more on about the dress shirt :)

    French Toast carries gorgeous dress shirts with all types of collars that even have belts. The sizes come up to size 20 which may be the perfect size for a plus size girl. If it doesn't fit still, then you can have your mom take it to the alterations and they will alter it to fit you.

    They have this wonderful peter-pan collared blouse which is perfect for a classic and flattering look:

    This one has a triangular collar and comes with a matching neckbow to go underneath the collar which is a classical style risen into the modern times:

    This has short sleeves, a triangular collar, and lace just by the buttons:

    And this one is simply adorable and comes with a stylish white belt:

    For the shoes, I'd say the smartest looking shoes for dressy occasions are penny-loafers. Traditional dress shoes are mary-janes but to be honest, they look terrible with pants. A good pair of penny-loafers that are affordable are here:

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    I would do an unfitted kinda boyfriend cut white shirt with long or 3/4 length sleeves. Do a straight (NOT skinny) pant. Or, wear a just normal shirt, not too tight, with long or 3/4 length sleeves. Add some wide leg trousers. Don't tuck either in, and no belt. Both with just a regular collar. Add some cute flats in a bright color. Don't forget some cute accessories, like a chunky bracelet or cute earrings.

    Hope this helped :)

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    Try Mandees, Kohls or Macys for the shirt. Honestly if you think you have bigger arms don't wear a short sleeve shirt. I would take a nice dressed up, big and bulky belt and wrap it really tight around your waist, but make sure it's comfortable. It will make you appear like you have a smaller waist. Also try to get a shirt that goes below the butt, it will also help you like curvy and hour-glass figured! Hope it Helps!

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  • 3 years ago

    when you consider that its a senior portrait you may want to positioned on a gown! with some amazing heels, if not then positioned on wedges. attempt, a black gown ( because it makes you look skinnier ) with some accents or designs on it. also, dont ignore upload-ons! sturdy success!:]

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