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Will upgrading to Windows 7 fix my pc problems?

I have an HP laptop running Windows Vista home premium. In the last few months everything on my pc is getting worse and worse. It first started with how long it takes to boot up. It will stay on the hp logo screen for about 2-3 minutes before it loads windows. My dvd drive will sometimes not show up under my computer and sometimes it will. However when it does show up if I try to access it then windows explorer will crash. And I have tried the going into the registry and deleting the upper and lower class filters and that don't work. After my pc has been on for a while I will not be able to open programs, for example if I wanted to open itunes I can double click on it and i get the little spinning circle for like a split second and then nothing. I can do this over and over but it won't open. And when my pc is doing this I am not able to restart it through the start menu, it does the same as like i explained about itunes. ( itunes was just an example, any program does that ) So i have to hold down the power button to shut off my pc and then turn it back on. which then I get the windows did not shut down properly would you like to start in safe mode. Then once my pc boots up I can access any program. but after running a while the same thing happens again. And it is like a cycle. I also get blue screens which is called mini dumps. I never see them it usually happens when i leave it idle and i come back to see a message saying windows recovered from a fatal error.

I have run every kind of anti-virus from norton, mcafee, avg. I have also used windows washer, malware bites, adware, and every other pc fixer program you can think of, and nothing works.

So before i spend 200 dollars on windows 7, I thought I would ask to see if any one new if upgrading to 7 would fix my problems.


My pc specs are : windows vista home premium 64 bit, 4 gb ram, 250gb hdd and my pc is about 16 months old.

As far as anti virus, none of them have ever found a virus.

And the windows washer and malware bits always find problems like registry problems and stuff and I click to fix but it doesn't change any of the problems above.

Update 2:

My pc specs are : hp dv6700 windows vista home premium 64 bit, 4 gb ram, 250gb hdd and my pc is about 16 months old.

As far as anti virus, none of them have ever found a virus.

And the windows washer and malware bits always find problems like registry problems and stuff and I click to fix but it doesn't change any of the problems above.

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    Sorry, Mike, but NO, your problems are with the hardware, not the software by the sounds of it. Although WINDOWS 7 has removed hundreds of problems that VISTA is known for, you should think of analyzing the problems and fixing them FIRST. All HP laptops have a built in COMPLETE system RESTORE function that totally erases all your software on the harddisk, and then copies a NEW, ORIGINAL version back onto the main partition C:, from a hidden partition on the end of the harddrive. Thanks for adding hp 6700 info... the key is F11, etc., and when you first turn on the computer, you tap that key repeatedly until you are in the RESTORE MENU. You were supposed to make back up DVD disks IMMEDIATELY when you got the laptop new. If not, they can be ordered from HP. Hopefully you have the backup partition already ON the harddrive.

    This would be my first line of attack. You have given really nice details on what you have already done, so I will not even mention anti-virus/registry solutions - these are obviously NOT your problem. If you do a FACTORY restore, then you will instantly "KNOW" for certain if the Windows VISTA file corruption WAS the problem. You will have a brand new, 100% new version of VISTA, and if it works like brand new, then you will know that the entire VISTA operating system was corrupt, and THAT was the source of your problems. If, however, after doing a FACTORY restore, you still have the same problems, then the HARDWARE is to blame, and no matter what software you put on, like Win 7 etc., you will still have the same errors. Just from the description of your problems, they appear to me to be classic OVER HEATING of the CPU ( Central Processing Unit - the PENTIUM computer chip ). When the tiny cooling fan and the aluminum and copper heatsinks get clogged with ordinary dust, the cooling system cannot get rid of the HUGE amounts of heat generated by the CPU. In many instances, the tiny fan will get so clogged that it stops, which makes its tiny wire coils even hotter, and it dries up the tiny drops of oil in the bearings, and seizes solid. As a quick test, turn on the laptop and where the outlet holes for the hot air being blown out by the fan are situated, get very close and see if there is a steady stream of warm air coming out. You should actually be able to hear the tiny whir of the fan as it turns on and changes speed - the hotter the CPU gets, the faster the fan spins. IF there is no stream of warm air and no "fan" noise, then you should shut off the computer immediately, and find the problem. If you search the internet, there are instructions to remove the entire KEYBOARD. It has a top plastic cover by the hinge, which pops up, and then gently, you can remove the thin ribbon cable, CAREFULLY, and then, you can look down at the heat sink and fan assembly, found in the top, Left, corner. If it is all blocked with DUST, then you use the OUTLET exhaust from a shop vac, ( which I prefer ) or get a can of compressed air from a computer store with a tiny red plastic straw, and you blow out all the visible dust. You can blow air into the INLET for the cooling system, and the outlet, and try to blow air around the fan itself. Everything should be shiny aluminum and copper. This is the #1 killer of laptops. When you see the fan, use something tiny to spin the blades. If they will not spin easily, then the oil in the bearings has dried out, and they are seized. Most people would just buy a new, entire cooling assembly - used, on eBay about $10 to $25, but I just remove the tiny screws holding in the plastic fan assembly, remove the cap on the center bearings, and use ordinary 10W30 motor oil or whatever oil you use in a car, and put a few drops in, and move the fan blades back and forth until they are free again. I use a tiny syringe from a printer ink refill kit to get the drops of oil in the bearing cavity, since you cannot get the oil on the plastic fan assembly- it attracts dust, which is the last thing you want. I also use ordinary black electrical tape to seal the bearing cavity when I am done. High quality tape, such as 3M, resists oil, and heat, and sticks as a great seal. It will NOT stick on the surface if you spill ANY oil at all on the plastic, so if this happens, you must be certain to use soap and a damp cloth to wipe of the oil, and dry the area with a kleenex, and start over! Once the fan and heatsinks are all shiny and working, the fan should keep working for years, as long as the oil is SEALED in bearings, and does not leak out under the electrical tape. You could check in a year to make certain that nothing is leaking.

    The ANSWER above had to be cut in half since yahoo kept stating "ANSWER TOO LONG". This is unfortunate, since I gave you step by step details.

    The link to recover HP6700 from partition on HDD is:

    Good luck! robindustygraves at

    Source(s): I have been working on, and fixing computers for over 25 years, and often get NON- working computers, since no one knows what to do with them. My tiny website,< > is all about saving and using older computers, as opposed to grinding, chopping, and smashing them, in typical "recycling". I see laptops with identical problems to yours very often. Link to take it apart to see fan and heatsink is: Note that to access the keyboard and fan, you probably only have to take out the screws at the HINGE top area, under the strip of plastic that pops up, and the keyboard. Do the simplest thing FIRST. GOOD LUCK , robindustygraves
  • 1 decade ago

    Upgrading to Windows 7 should fix most of these problems. Windows 7 has a much better operating system and is generally much faster and more efficient at processing information and data.

    I have personally found Windows Vista to be really slow and painful to have on a computer, and is just a very bad system to have.

    Spending money on Wondows 7 would be a great investment in my opinion, and it would be well worth your while :).

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    1 decade ago


    There are 3 step to repair upgrading to windows 7 error

    My friend had the same problem with you. I am sure your computer has registry problems.It is very easy to repair upgrading to windows 7 error. you just need 3 steps:

    1: Download a registry cleaner and install it.

    2: Open the registry cleaner and scan you computer for free.

    3: Click fix button and you done.

    Download the top upgrading to windows 7 error repair tool here:

  • 1 decade ago

    Backup all your data and then try to reset your computer to Factory settings.

    If you do reset the computer to Factory Condition and the problems are still there then something is wrong with the computer hardware. Don't spend money on Windows 7 hoping that it will solve your computer problems. Sort out the problems first and this should save you a pocket full of money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would be better if you included details of your computer such as CPU, amount of RAM, how long you've had it etc but yes. Upgrading to Windows 7 will most likely solve your problems and improve your performance. The best is to do a fresh install.

    Source(s): Me. My friends' complaints of Vista (Weird... I never had problems with it but Win 7's a lot faster)
  • 1 decade ago

    A clean install of Vista or Windows 7 will solve your problems. Upgrading without doing a clean install won't help.

    I'd just back up the files you want to save, do a clean install of Vista or 7 and then get it all up to date through Windows Update. Then reinstall your programs and files and stuff.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know if this is your problem, depending upon how old your computer is, but one of the first signs of pending hard drive failure is erratic behavior. If you have done all the anti-virus, malware, and adware scans that you've said you done and nothing shows up, then it very well might be a bad hard drive, or a corrupt OS file.


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