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It's your job to remake your favorite film from the 90's?

Every copy that ever existed of your favorite film has been lost & it's your job to remake the film & make it better. New actors & everything.

SO, what's the film? & who are you going to cast (you can't cast the same people.)


@ Tamara--As long as he isn't playing the same person it's okay :)

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    Not my favorite film of the 90's. It's one my fave's though. If every copy was lost...what would i do?


    Peyton Westlake/Darkman: Mark Ruffalo

    Julie Hastings: Piper Perabo

    Louis Strack Jr.: Jon Hamm (I'd expand his role a bit).

    Robert G. Durant: Gary Oldman

    Just to mess with people's minds I'd cast Robert Downey Jr. in a mini cameo as the final disguise

    of Peyton Westlake. In the original it was Bruce Campbell.

    The rest of Durant's gang could be played by relatively unknown actors.

    I still want Ted Raimi, Dan Hicks and Bruce Campbell to cameo somewhere in the film.

    Dammit! I have to replace Danny Elfman too! :(

    I'd hire Michael Giachinno to score the new Darkman. No synths. Keep this one orchestral and epic too.

    I'd hire KNB for special make-up effects and gore (My version of Darkman is going to be a lot gorier).

    Weta digital for the CGI.

    It's going to be a somewhat darker, more violent, bloodier remake of Darkman. It will retain its heart though. Keeping the focus on character and plot.

    Wow, i like this. You should do a 70's and 80's version too hahahaha! ;)

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    9 years ago

    Mr. Blonde - Johnny Depp

    Mr. White - ooh, it's harder than I thought - LOVE Harvey Keitel... - Robert Downey Jr.

    Mr. Orange - Josh Hartnett

    Nice Guy Eddie - James Franco

    Joe Cabot - Anthony Hopkins/Jack Nicholson

    Mr. Pink - Tarantino (I know you said I can't cast the same people, but c'mon! he played Mr. Brown, while wrote Mr. Pink for himself, every time I watch RD, I wish he played Mr. Pink so bad!!!)

    Mr. Brown - Jay (from Jay and Silent Bob, I'd love to hear him give the "metaphor" talk lol)

    Mr. Blue - some other real bank robber or gangster, like the guy Denzel played in American Gangster, he's alive and free, he can have a cameo in my movie

    Mr. Orange's cop boss - Samuel L. Jackson

    McClusky - Marisa Tomei

    the film is Reservoir Dogs

    edit: OH, THANK YOU!!!!! at least in my mind I can see him as Mr. Pink :)))))))))))))))))))))

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