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Will the Cleveland Browns finally get fined for wearing the swastika on their uniforms, or is the league blind?


Bob (AKA Sarge, AKA Sgt Schultz, AKA Shultzie...)

You are a self-confessed Fascist and a supporter of this NFL team since they Changed threir name in 1945 from the Cleveland Nazi Party to the Cleveland Brown Shirts. You were their fan club president when they changed their team name once again to the Cleveland Skid Marks in 1952 prior to changing the team name to the current name in 1963.

Bob, while I may disagree with your political views and your choice of football program to cheer for, I will certainly fight for your right to make choices.

Good day, Sir...

Good day.

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    You keep making this asinine accusation, but you never produce any evidence of the so-called swastika. Either prove it, or give up.


    Nice mess of pathetic insults, showing yourself to be a juvenile moron. And you still don't show any evidence of your claim.

    You also show your complete ignorance of the Browns. They did not exist in 1945. The NFL team in Cleveland was the Rams, who defeated the Redskins that season, 15-14, in the Championship Game. The Original Browns were one of the original teams in the AAFC. They did not join the NFL until 1950.

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    stupid, the browns these days are a new team admitted into the league in like the 90s the original browns are now the ravens. wheres a swastika on a bird?

    Source(s): just look it up
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    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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    Yeah, prove it!!


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