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Why does Ron Paul support the terrorist organization Wikileaks?

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    Whoops, looks like you don't know what the word "terrorist" means.

    I suggest you look it up. Hint: publishing information is not "terrorist."

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    Terrorism is defined as using violence or the threat of violence to accomplish social or political change. Based on that definition wikileaks is not a terrorist organization.

    It appears Ron Paul supports what wikileaks is doing. I do support the concept, but I recognize wikileaks is a disinformation/propaganda operation intermingling false information with accurate information and therefore I do not support wikileaks.

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    His words:

    Paul said that Julian Assange should get the same kind of protections as the mainstream media when it comes to releasing information.

    "In a free society we're supposed to know the truth," Paul said. "In a society where truth becomes treason, then we're in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it."

    "This is media, isn't it? I mean, why don't we prosecute The New York Times or anybody that releases this?" he added.

    How is that defending a terrorist organization? He's correct. I don't support the leaks at all, it places this country in a bad light, but we're not dealing with a terrorist organization, we're dealing with leaks.

    This is a problem within our own government. It's time to take our own State Dept. to task.

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    Ron Paul supports the Constitution.

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    Now you word why Ron Paul will under no circumstances change into the president of america, he's a kook. dazzling on economic coverage and constitutional regulations on spending, yet an absolute bleeding coronary heart liberal wuss. he will under no circumstances garner sufficient nationwide help to win the nomination of any party, a lot less win a nationwide usual election. and that i somewhat do not approve of how Assange is being set up. i might want to favor that he be delivered right here and charged with both espionage or dealing in stolen gentle assistance.

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    Wikileaks terrorists?

    That's so rich!

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    You have been brainwashed, my friend. The real terrorists are who Ron Paul and Assange are trying to expose. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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    Why is wikileaks terrorist because they are telling us the truth about the dirty laundry in our closet.

    Maybe we should learn more about why our Politicians want to kill this man.

    We sound just like Iran now when they wanted to kill Salmon Rushdie.

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    Even though he is frequently associated with conservatives, most of us think he's a bit wacky sometimes. Although, he' s excellent on his position on spending he's got some strange leanings

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    because it's NOT a terrorist organization and he, to this extent at least, supports freedom.

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