Car warranty problem?

Right, I bought a rover 25 (first mistake) and took it back 2 weeks later when it was still under the warranty because it was losing water and I had to keep filling it up. They said it wasn't losing water when it was with them so couldn't see a problem, and gave me it back telling me to keep my eye on it. I checked it reguarly and it didn't seem to be losing water anymore, and I last checked it about a week and a half ago, then I checked it tonight, and the water was empty, and now the head gasket is going/gone (the white stuff in with the oil).

My question is even though the car is now out of its warranty are they obliged to fix it as the head gasket problem has been caused by the problem that they didn't fix when I took it to them when the car was still in the warranty.

Where do I stand legally?

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  • 10 years ago
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    It is out of warranty and you are out of luck.

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