Please help with my art GCSE idea??? D:?

Well, to start off with i was doing superstition...then it kinda evolved into age, interfearing with age etc...

But does any one know...

a) as many ideas as possible about what I could draw for age/inerfeering with age (so far i was thinking of flower pettles in ice cubes, old people, rotting fruit, anti-aging creams etc)


b) any other ideas for a different topic??

And also any artists I could study for aging, if you know any?

Thanks...sorry...I'm finding art really hard atm :(

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think your topic on age is really good as it can combine a variety of subjects; from old age in humans to the age of buildings, and even books.

    Some ideas I have include exaggerating the difference between young and old. For example, take a photo of yourself and use computer software or draw on top of it wrinkles and lines to see how someone ages. Another path you can go down from this could include the anatomy of the human body, such as the skeleton and muscles, and how these wither with age.

    For interfering with age, I suggest looking at something like plastic surgery, which essentially is used to undo aging. You can go either really gory; looking at when it goes wrong, or you can look at when it goes right and do comparisons. I would personally keep to the effects of age on humans, because you can really exaggerate it and you can turn it into such a large topic.

    I can't think of any artists off the top of my head that focus entirely on age, but think about researching artists who look at youth culture, focus on pensioners, look at culture change, things like that. Also focus attention on their mark making - how they have conveyed their message through the way they paint, etc.

    Hope I helped. :)

    Source(s): Myself - A* in Art at GCSE, currently studying A Level Art.
  • 9 years ago

    Find out what type of art your teacher likes or whoever is giving you the mark if its GCSE. Once I produced a piece of junk that had been rushed and somehow I got an A just because the teacher felt that it had shown something special. What you could do is look at all the different styles of art you've done and see which one you've done best in then do your idea with age

  • 4 years ago

    Direct observation (figures, still life, portraits, the environment both natural and man-made); gathering resources to stimulate and develop ideas; exploring different techniques (pencil, watercolours, inks, gouache, wax pastels, collage, chalk pastels, charcoal and papier-mache); understanding the work of artists, historical experiences.

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